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AudioFile Magazine Review: Designing Your Life Audiobook

It was great to read this excerpt from AudioFile Magazine’s review of the Designing Your Life Audiobook:

“Both authors narrate this helpful audio with the same refreshing tone that’s embodied in their conversational advice on making your life great. They speak with the natural cadences of experienced professors who care about their students and feel confident about their material.”

You can get a taste of what the reviewer means in this soundcloud sneak peak:

Check out the Full review, and download your Audiobook copy of Designing Your Life today.


  • Savannah Peterson says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Sorry we missed this earlier! Hopefully you got the hardcopy- at just a few dollars more, I totally agree that it’s worth it to have a book to work in. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Amanda says:

    Hi there! I’m very interested in purchasing this book! I’ve recently been pretty set on Audiobooks (shortens the commute), but I’m wondering in this book if I should purchase the hardcopy since I’m imagining a design/visual aspect to the book. Can y’all provide any insight into this? Doesn’t look like Amazon has a “Look inside” feature on the book just yet. Thank you!