DYL Coach Certification Workshop FAQ’s

What are the pre-requirements for participating in the DYL Coach Certification Workshop?

  1. Professional in one of the following areas:
    • Life or career coach, with certification from a recognized coaching institute, training program, or school. *This certification requirement may be waived if clear evidence of substantial professional experience in providing coaching is credibly provided (eg: 12 years as a career counselor in a college career center). Depending on the nature of the application, additional support information may be requested.
    • Career counselor at a non-profit or University, or with your own practice
    • Mental health professional who wants to add some DYL tools to your existing toolkit
    • Human resources professional who wants to add some DYL tools to your existing toolkit
  2. Active Practice: You must be engaged in an active practice with current clients at this time (case work on active clients is part of the Workshop), and provide a description of your practice and client population.
  3. DYL Trained: You must already know the Designing Your Life material by having both (a) read the book and (b) completed one of the following DYL training workshops (prior to attending the Workshop)
    ◦ the 1-day DYL Intensive or DYL Weekend Retreat (with Bill and/or Dave)
    ◦ DYL for Women
    ◦ DYL Creative Live on-line class 

It’s crucial to understand that we are not training you on how to coach or to work closely with individuals in a counseling/guidance role. We expect you to know how those relationships work, based on both your prior training and professional experience, and to know DYL from reading the book and taking a workshop. The DYL Coach Workshop will not address either of these areas – it addresses specifically what the DYL tools are for and recommendations for how and how not to use them.

Why do you require participant to have a coach certification & coaching experience prior to attending the Workshop?

We do not provide coach training, nor do we believe that DYL is a comprehensive coaching system per se. We support enhancing the capabilities of already experienced coaches who wish to adopt and integrate DYL ideas and tools into their practice. The DYL Coaches Workshop is not training for new coaches; it’s tool utilization training for experienced coaches.

It’s crucial to understand that we are not training you how to coach. We expect you to know how to coach, based on both your prior training and professional experience, and to know DYL, from reading the book and taking a DYL workshop. The DYL Coaches Workshop will not address either of these areas – it addresses specifically what the DYL tools are for and recommendations for how and how not to use them.

What can I expect at the DYL Coach Workshop?

The Workshop provides 13 hours of interactive training over a day and a half. We open with an overview of the DYL approach and what we’ve been learning in using it over the last 12 years. The balance of the Workshop is entirely organized around the various DYL tools.

Each key tool (eg: Good Time Journal, Odyssey Plan, Impact Map, etc.) receives time and attention four ways:

  • Overview – what’s the tool designed for.
  • Do’s and Don’ts – recommendations are reviewed based on our experience of what works, what doesn’t, what traps to avoid, etc.
  • Practice – practical engagement with the tool through role plays, case review (your cases brought to the Workshop, not ours), or application discussion. The primary format is role playing with other participants in the clinic.
  • Q&A – ask the Instructors. Note that there may not be a dedicated Q&A period on each tool, but multiple Q&A periods are included to address questions on any topic.

You will be placed in a cohort at a table with other coaches. Much of the interaction will be with your cohort – sometimes as a full table, often in triads, sometimes in dyads. We typically mix the tables at least once during a Workshop, but not always. We may have theme cohorts.

How do I know if the Coach Certification Workshop really is for me?

The Workshop is really quite straightforward. We dive into the individual DYL tools and go after specifics on how to use them well. That’s really it. If that sounds like what you’re after, then join us! Alternately, many talented coaches may decide they don’t need the Workshop and can be thoroughly effective translating DYL into their practice right out of the book. You’re the expert in making that decision.

Some coaches really enjoy the chance to speak with colleagues, do some role playing and get some feedback. Some come primarily to obtain the visible certification and be listed on our website. There are lots of valid reasons to come, and it should be clear to you if it’s a good fit. If you’re on the fence or just not quite able to decide if it’s worth it – maybe let it pass. It’s a big commitment of time, energy and money and you want to feel good about the value you’ll receive, so choose well. We don’t claim to offer any particular magic nor do we reveal any special insider secrets at the Workshop. It’s a work session where we roll up our sleeves.

At least half the time in the Workshop is spent doing exercises and interacting with the other participants. The rhythm and feel of the Workshop is very similar to our DYL in person and Creative Live workshops. You’ve seen us in action before – the clinic operates similarly.

We would love to see you at a Workshop if it’s the right thing for you. If you’re better off just taking the book or the CreativeLive online modules and running with those tools on your own, we wish you the very best. Whatever you do – thanks for your commitment to helping others build well-lived and joyful lives. If DYL has been or can be of any help to you in accomplishing that mission, we’re very grateful to be a part of your work.

I’d like to teach DYL workshops – is that part of Coaching Certification?

No, teaching DYL Workshops is not part of the Coach Certification.

However, the demand for DYL public and company workshops is increasing all over the world. In order to provide high quality, consistent DYL workshop experiences, we are for the first time seeking applicants to become certified DYL Trainers. Our goal is to have a world-wide network of highly qualified DYL Trainers to meet the demand created by the book; city by city, and country by country.

If you have a consulting/workshop business that would be complemented by adding DYL to your portfolio, please request the RFP from thedylgroup@gmail.com.We are committed to having impact at scale, so the more you can tell us about your plans to bring DYL to your current and new clients, the better.

Once you read the RFP, if you have any questions, please send them to thedylgroup@gmail.com and we’ll respond as soon as possible. All applications are due June 15, 2019.

How are the DYL Coach Certification Workshops and the DYL Trainers Certification different?

This DYL Coaching Certification is for personal coaching only, typically delivered one-on-one or with small “design teams” of individuals using DYL ideas and/or tools to pursue specific life, career, or personal goals and objectives together with your client(s). It does not license you to teach commercial workshops or deliver training events that compete with The DYL Group’s Designing Your Life Workshops, any Certified DYL Trainers’ workshops, or educational workshops that compete with Stanford University’s Life Design Lab (aka, d.life Lab).

Sessions conducted for more than 10 persons at one time, whether colocated or online, are considered a training event. We know that working with larger groups like this, standing up in front of a room (or online) presenting generalized DYL materials or training others use DYL tools on their own demands a different set of facilitation and teaching skills than Coaching does. Coaching involves hands-on implementation of the DYL tools with a person or small group whom the Coach knows well – it’s a highly personalized service engagement. We consider teaching to be a different competency that requires different skills and a different level of preparation and comprehension of the material. We’ve come to this conclusion based on our empirical experience in training Stanford instructors in the DYL curriculum.