Community Post from Paris: Learn it like Stanford

Designing Your Life was written for you. That said, it’s you that inspires us daily. Our community continues to impress and amaze us with their stories, reviews and applications of designing your life. We were especially excited by this post from Yanni Hui in Paris, whom shared an inspiring Designing Your Life post on her website, au-jour-de-hui. Below is an excerpt we got her generous permission to share:

“Recently I was pondering on the direction I’m going with this blog, some of my friends were asking questions about what lifestyle design is. So I was excited to discover this book and was expecting to find some relevant information on the subject.

But a few pages later, I adjusted my expectation: It talks about something much more vast and purposeful, about life, life-planning, life-meaning, etc… Whereas my blog is more focused on designs for life, lifestyle products and so on.

Even though the subjects we talk about are somewhat different, we do, however, share the same concept I desperately want to communicate: Design Thinking (and how to use it in every aspect of your life).

The enormously profound effects this self-help book has on me has brought me here, promoting the benefits of design thinking, and trying to convince you why this book, “Designing Your Life”, is much more cooler than a regular self-help book.

Because no one wants to be caught reading a self-help book


I love reading self-help books. But I don’t love telling everyone that I love reading self-help books (well I just did). I was once flipping through “Rich Dad,Poor Dad” in the train and the guy next to me was sizing me up and giving me the weird looks. (Even though “Rich Dad,Poor Dad” is not considered a self-help book, but still.)

With “Designing” as the theme, it shifts our mindset to think as though we are all Designers here. When we think like a designer, we get to ask questions, make hypothesis, and build prototypes. It sounds so much cooler to be the mad scientist than the stalker in the self-help section.”

You can read the full post on her website. 

Have you written about Designing Your Life? Let us know!