Designing Your Life for Women: New Dates Announced!

The response to our new Designing Your Life for Women series ran by Susan Burnett and Kathy Davies has been incredible. 40 Life Designing women came together two weeks ago for an experience we hope positively impacts them for a long time to come. The workshop was so inspiring and successful, we’re proud to announce dates for two more events! There’s also a bonus opportunity for enhanced wellness with Andrea Ciafardini, instructor and owner of Holistic Connections.

Register for June 17th-18th and/or July 22-23 today!

Here’s a sample agenda to give you a feel for what these workshop weekends include:

“I highly recommend this wonderful workshop! I found immense value in the interaction with the other workshop participants, as their unique perspectives helped me to see my decision-making process in a completely different light.  This insight, along with the terrific activities and tools taught by our instructors Susan and Kathy, facilitated a very meaningful shift in how I look forward in my journey toward my next goal.”  ~ Suzanne Naone, Graduate Student , Mother of Two and Baby Boomer

Time Day 1
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Workshop Begins with Connection Before Content: Introductions & Expectations
  Workshop Introduction: Goals, Life Design Framework©
  How Did We Get Here Anyway? Life as Music Video & Table Group Discussion
  The Meaning of Work
  What Does it Take to Flourish?
  Mindful Moment with Andrea
  Balance: Individual Assessment, Reflection & Action
  Energy: Individual Assessment, Reflection, Discussions & Action
12:30pm Group Lunch
  Defining a Problem Worth Working On: Gravity & Solvable Problem Distinctions
  Blockbusting: Group Ideation
  Lifeview Sharing and Workview Integration: The Coherent Life
  Odyssey Planning: Your Three Potential Futures
  Mindful Moment with Andrea
  Odyssey Plan Sharing: Triads Share & Discuss Each Person’s Odyssey Plans
  Day 1 Close: Roadmap & Homework
5:30pm Wine and Cheese Reception

Designing Your Life for Women Agenda Day 2

“This workshop came at a perfect time. It was an exercise in taking stock of my life, deciding what is important, and intentionally taking steps to prototype and work towards my ideal life. What’s more, it taught me that there are multiple paths for my happiness if only I’m willing to be honest with myself and put in the effort to continuously grow, learn, and strive. Thank you, Susan and Kathy, for this wonderful experience.”
~ Heidi DiFillipo, Sales Manager and Gen X


Time Day 2
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Workshop Begins with Reprise of Odyssey Plans
  Mindful Moment with Andrea
  Decision Making: Model, Research & Whole Group Discussion
  Two Kinds of Prototypes: Life Design Interviews & Experiences
  Brainstorm Ways to Prototype Your Plans: Individual Work & New Triads
  Bias to Action: Creating Your Action Plan
  Networking Reframe: Networking to get Your Prototype Interview or Experience
  Closing Ceremony: Supporting Your Intentions
12:30 Lunch


Optional Yoga, Meditation and Breath Work Session Join Andrea for a deeply relaxing and healing experience Sunday afternoon. Through breath work, meditation and kundalini yoga, Andrea will guide you through integrative movements, which will deepen your practice of presence. Expect a fun, sweet and nurturing class that will bring smiles to your face and warmth to your heart. Remember to bring a yoga mat and a cushion/pillow to sit on. All beginners are welcome.


“This workshop helped me immediately design a more balanced and energy giving typical work week, and even helped me reframe and redesign my business trip from a demanding energy drain to an energizing week! I loved the Odyssey Planning and best of all the feedback I got from the diverse group of women in the room. They heard me and helped me. Thank you all!” ~ Lauren Hipschman, Program Manager, LinkedIn and Millennial

Email with any questions.

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