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Inside Higher Ed: Designing Your Life at the University of Michigan

Last summer, educators from the University of Michigan immersed in the Life Design Lab at Stanford. Laura N. Schram then brought her experience back to campus, lead a six week program, and kindly shared her results in this excellent blog post.

Here’s an excerpt from Laura’s Designing Your Life group observations:

“Participants read Designing Your Life by design scholars Bill Burnett and Dave Evans and then engaged in deep reflection, hands-on activities and group discussions together. Being a social scientist, I of course conducted a confidential before and after survey to measure the impact of participation in the six-week program.

What I found were substantive and statistically significant increases among the participants in their hopefulness about their career potential, faith in their ability to build a successful career and confidence to ask others about career paths. Participants also reported a significant decrease in feelings of stress brought on by uncertainty about their future careers.”