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After the CreativeLive Class: Design Thinking Flips The Script For An Engineer Looking For Change

Designing Your Life authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans interact with a lot of students in a given year. However, CreativeLive was the first time they live recorded an all-day class that is now available to the public! We just received this report back from the Life Design field from Matt, a student of the CreativeLive class. Below is an excerpt, but if y0u’re wishing you had more Designing Your Life content, the full post on CreativeLive is a must read.

“Bill and Dave shared so many ideas in this class that helped transform the way I look at life and myself, as well as how I work and what reality I’ve created for myself.  I really gravitated to their ideas around developing and looking at one’s life and work views continuously over time and also how to bring those elements into alignment in order to move on to the next phase of life.  To that same point, the idea that we really do have multiple selves throughout life, and that none of them are necessarily ‘better’ than the other – they all add up to where I am right here and now.

The other concepts that really helped open my mind and are helping me grow the most are the idea that it really isn’t too late to do something, and life is all about developing, testing and adjusting one’s ‘life dashboard.”