Designing Your Life Facilitator Certification Process

Next Training – August 2022 – dates TBD

Submit an application here – applications reviewed on a rolling basis until July 1,2022 or until training is filled

The Designing Your Life Facilitator Certification Program has been specifically created and designed for experienced workshop providers and consultants who are interested in adding Designing Your Life Workshops to their current portfolio of offerings. Our goal is to make sure that high-quality instruction is available to people and companies who want to apply the life design process and mindsets to increase engagement and fulfillment at work and in life. We are seeking to develop and empower a world-wide network of highly qualified DYL facilitators to meet the demand for high quality workshops in a variety of locations.

Pre-requisites and Requirements

To apply and be accepted your organization must:

  • View Designing Your Life as complementary to services you already deliver as a consulting organization. For example, if you are in the talent management, leadership development or executive development marketplace and have a track record of delivering employee engagement, career development, wellness, resilience, leadership and executive development, DYL is highly relevant and differentiated solution.
  • Have a minimum of 5 years running an independent business/consulting practice, with a track record of satisfied clients and consistent revenue.
  • Have existing clients to whom you can market Designing Your Life workshops.
  • Possess an existing, established brand that is consistent with the DYL brand.
  • Be able to send a minimum of two of your already experienced trainers to the certification training (US $5000.00 per trainer plus the cost of travel and lodging.) Or, if applying as an individual, be sponsored by an existing Workshop Provider.  (See the list of Workshop providers on our website).
  • Be able to commit to offering at least 4 days/40 hours of Designing Your Life branded sessions a year: ½ day, 1 day, 1.5 days, 2 days.

In addition, facilitators who will be trained must:

  • Have read the Designing Your Life; How to Build a Well-Lived Joyful Life
  • Have completed an in person Designing Your Life Workshop or completed the Designing Your Life Coaching Certification by the time of the Facilitator Certification Workshop.
  • Have at least 7-10 years of workshop training and facilitation experience, especially in a corporate setting. This will prepare you to spontaneously respond to real-time participant scenarios professionally.
  • Review all pre-work materials and prepare to teach core modules, preparing personal examples for those modules. You will be using scripted slides and a facilitator’s guide which describes the intention of the modules and the way they need to be delivered. This will require between 20-30 hours of preparation.
    • Note: We will offer a Zoom briefing session prior to the certification training that is optional for your participation.
  • Complete all sessions of the certification training (6 zoom sessions of 4-5 hours each, virtually), including the preparation and instruction of new modules presented during the training.
  • Submit a final teaching video showing delivery of 2 core DYL modules during the month following the certification training.  The approval of these videos is the final step in the certification process.
    • Note: The video allows participants to demonstrate proficiency after having additional time to practice and internalize the learnings at the training.

Benefits of being a DYL Certified Facilitator

  • Your organization will be listed on the website as a DYL Certified Workshop Provider,
    with a link to a site you specify.
  • Your workshop schedule will be posted on the website with a link to your
    registration site.
  • Certified facilitators may use the DYL Certified Facilitator logo on marketing materials and
    social media profiles.
  • You will have access to commercial Designing Your Life materials including branded and copyrighted:
    1. Facilitator’s Guide
    2. PowerPoint Slides/Files
    3. Workbook Files
    4. New Materials as they become available – sometimes prior to publication
    5. Facilitator Tips from the Authors
  • You will have access to Quarterly Meetings designed to support you as you launch your DYL
    workshops. The virtual meetings will include: new DYL content, new marketing tools,
    addressing community questions, and sharing success stories.
  • Connections to other DYL facilitators with the potential for collaboration and co-
  • Your certified facilitators will be part of the Certified Facilitator Pool who could be engaged in larger scale workshops run by the DYL Group.

Application Process

To apply to the Facilitator Certification Program, you will need to submit the following:

  1. A complete application form
  2. A 2 minute video of each prospective facilitator in action, teaching and/or facilitating.
  3. Evidence of high quality delivery of current programs in the form of evaluations from participants
  4. A prospective roll out plan for workshop deliveries in your first 18 months of certification

After the application is received, interviews will occur on a rolling basis.

Certification Training Details

Training Delivered Virtually: The Facilitator Certification Training is a 6 zoom session (4-5 hours per session) immersive training experience, focused on facilitation of the DYL content, led by DYL Consulting. Co-CEOs, Susan Burnett, former Talent Executive in Fortune 500 companies and Kathy Davies, Product designer and Managing Director of the Stanford Life Design Lab are Master Trainers Licensees for the Evans-Burnett LLC.   Participants will practice facilitating the DYL modules offered in the One Day Intensive and One and Half Day Workshop, learn about the underlying rationale behind each module, and deepen their understanding through discussion and feedback.

Prior to Training: Participants will receive a subset of the materials to prepare and practice prior to the certification workshop. Participants will be required to create personal examples in Powerpoint slide format, and to familiarize themselves with workshop slides in preparation for delivery prior to arrival at the workshop. The Master Trainers will offer a pre-work preparatory zoom call to assist with preparation and answer any preliminary questions. The call is an optional part of the process.

During the Training: Facilitators will be asked to stand and deliver modules that they have prepared ahead of time and prepare modules real-time during the training itself.  Facilitation practice will include role play of real world facilitation challenges and situations.  This training is rigorous and fast paced, with substantive feedback delivered real time.  All facilitators will both deliver and share feedback with other trainers for all modules included in the certification sessions. The training is appropriate for seasoned trainers with confidence in public speaking and ability to maintain a professional and calm demeanor under pressure.

After the Training Sessions: Facilitators will be required to submit a video of themselves teaching 2 core modules of the DYL IP within one month of the training. This video will be reviewed by Master Trainers. Successful approval by Master Trainers of the video is the final step prior to certification, and upon approval, a license contract will be extended to those successfully certified.

Please note that attendance at the training does not guarantee certification.


  • Facilitator Training Workshop: $5000 per facilitator, non-refundable
  • Licensing fee: 12% of gross revenue for DYL workshops delivered
  • Optional: Additional training and support after year 1: $1500