Designing Your Work and Life Workshop Provider Certification

Next Certification Training 2023: October 17, 21, 23, 31 and November 6 (8am – 1pm Pacific Time)

To learn more, attend the DYL Certification Briefing on August 10, 2023 at 8am PT.  Sign up here.

The Designing Your Work and Life Certification Program has been designed for talent management consulting and workshop providing organizations.  If you are working with companies to help their employees design work they love, own their own careers, and design balance and energy for increased engagement, then DYWL is a great fit for your portfolio of solutions. The training is conducted virtually on Zoom, so accessible globally.

Pre-requisites and Requirements

To apply and be accepted your organization must:

    • Brand Alignment: Possess an existing, established brand that is consistent with the DYL brand.
    • Complimentary Product Line: View Designing Your Life as complementary to services you already deliver as a consulting organization. 
    • Experience: Have at least 7-10 years of workshop training and facilitation experience, especially in a corporate setting.  Have a minimum of 5 years running an independent business/consulting practice, with a track record of satisfied clients and consistent revenue.
    • Existing Customer Base: Have existing clients to whom you can market Designing Your Life workshops.
    • Two Facilitator Minimum: Be able to send a minimum of two of your already experienced trainers to the certification training (US $5000.00 per trainer.)  If you are applying as an individual, you need to be sponsored by an existing Workshop Provider.  (See the list of Workshop providers on our website).
    • Delivery Requirements: Be able to commit to delivering at least 40 hours of Designing Your Life content a year

In addition, candidates MUST complete the following requirements:

    • Reading: Read the Designing Your Life; How to Build a Well-Lived Joyful Life and Designing Your Work Life
    • DYL Workshops: Have completed an in person or digital Designing Your Life Workshop or completed the Designing Your Life Coaching Certification 
    • Completed Pre-Work: Review all pre-work materials and prepare to teach core modules, preparing personal examples for designated modules.  You will be using scripted slides and a detailed session plan during the Certification Program. This will require between 20-30 hours of preparation.
    • Complete All Certification Workshops:  Complete all sessions of the certification training (5 zoom sessions of 4-5 hours each, virtually).
    • Final Video: Submit a final teaching video showing delivery of 5 core DYL modules during the month following the certification training.  The approval of these videos is the final step in the certification process.

Benefits of Being a DYL Certified Facilitator

  • Website Marketing: Your organization will be listed on our website as a DYL Certified Workshop Provider, with a link to a site you specify. Your workshop schedule will be posted on the website with a link to your registration site. You will also have access to our blog page and can post testimonials from your participants or their DYL stories.  The website remains the number one way source for new workshop participants.
  • DYL Brand and Logo Use: Certified facilitators may use the DYL Certified Facilitator logo on marketing materials and social media profiles. 
  • Branded Materials:1. Session Plans2. PowerPoint Slides and Files3. Workbook Files4. New Materials as they become available – sometimes prior to publication
  • Community of Practice: You will have access to Quarterly Meetings designed to support you as you launch your DYL workshops. The virtual meetings include: new DYL content, new marketing tools, addressing community questions, and sharing success stories and best practices.  You will also build connections with other DYL facilitators – we have seen the potential for collaboration and co-instruction realized when one gets a large global deal.
  • DYL Group Business:  Your certified facilitators will be part of the Certified Facilitator Pool who could be engaged in larger scale workshops run by the DYL Group.

Application Process

We highly recommend prior to applying that you attend the Facilitator Certification Briefing on August 10, 2023 at 8:00am PT.

To sign up for that briefing, please click here.

To apply to the Facilitator Certification Program, you will need to submit the following:

          1. A complete application form
          2. Evidence of high quality delivery of current programs in the form of evaluations from participants

After your application is received, interviews will occur on a rolling basis.

Submit an Application Here