Certified Designing Your Life Facilitators


Designing Your Life Certified Facilitators are Designing Your Life practitioners and instructors who are certified to deliver public and corporate workshops to share the life design content globally.  Facilitator Certification differs from Coaching Certification and includes several certification types, as described below.  We are delighted to have trained our first cohort of certified Facilitators in August 2019.  We hope to continue to expand the impact of the Designing Your Life Movement over the course of 2022 and beyond.

Certification Types

    • Master Trainer: Licensed to train other facilitators to teach the Life Design Workshops and process, Master Trainers are the most experienced DYL facilitators and as of Jan 2022, there are only 4 such trainers: Bill Burnett, Dave Evans, Kathy Davies and Susan Burnett. Master Trainers teach the Facilitator and Coach Certification workshops, in addition to public and corporate facing Designing Your Life workshops.
    • Certified Workshop Provider: Licensed and trained to share the life design materials in large group settings, workshop providers receive workshop specific slides, workbooks and modules beyond the book. Workshop Providers are certified to both facilitate and instruct public and corporate workshops, and to hire as collaborators other certified Workshop Providers and Contract Facilitators.
    • Coaches: Certified to share the life design process through coaching, using the book and publicly available workbook in 1:1 sessions and in small group coaching circles of less than 10 people. Coaches are not licensed to teach public facing workshops using DYL materials nor are they provided the life design workshop specific slides or workbooks. Coaching training materials cannot be used to teach workshops. Learn more about becoming a DYL Certified Coach here

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Master Trainers

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Certified Facilitators

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Certification Process

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Facilitator Resources

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