We are currently offering our first-ever Virtual Coach Certification Workshop in August 2020! It will be a deep dive into the DYL principles and is designed for professionals wishing to utilize the DYL tools with individuals and groups of 10 or less.*

The Designing Your Life Coach Certification Program has been specifically created and designed for life and career coaches, career counselors, human resource professionals and mental health professionals who are interested in adding the DYL ideas, tools, and exercises to their practice!

Virtual Coach Certification Workshop Details


  • We will meet on Zoom from 9:00am-1:00pm (four hours) California time each day, August 5, 6 & 7

  • We will spend time together in the main Zoom room, and in order to keep the online experience as close as possible to the in-person experience, significant time will be spent working in two’s, three’s, and six’s, in separate Zoom rooms.

  • We will take frequent breaks as well.


  • The curriculum will be the complete training curriculum that has been used in the past Certification Workshops.

  • You will be trained on all of the DYL tools and some tools from our new book, Designing Your Work Life.

  • In order to make the experience as rich as possible, and to be trained on the complete curriculum in a limited amount of classroom time, we will be using what is called a “flipped classroom” approach.  That means that most of the lectures will be pre-recorded and will be assigned as homework prior to the Zoom classroom.  That gives us more time in-class to work together on your questions, the application of the tools in real life, and more time for in-depth discussions about your coaching practice.

  • We estimate between 3-5 hours of “pre-work” will be required prior to attending the Workshop. We will release all of the the lecture  videos about a week in advance.  Each day of the 3 day workshop, we will cover about 6 topics – and you will have needed to have watched all the videos for that day, before class starts.  You can watch them all in advance, or the night before, whatever works best.


  • The In-Person Coaches Workshop – $2000 (not available at this time)

  • The Virtual Coaches Workshop (20% discount from In-Person) – $1600

    • “First Edition” Virtual Workshop special discount (20% off for the August 2020 Workshop) – $1200

  • New coaches must also pay the first year’s “license fee” of $500.


Pre-requisites and Requirements

  • You must have an active practice in one of the following professions:

    • Life or career coach, with certification from a recognized coaching institute, training program, or school

    • Career counselor at a non-profit or University, or with your own practice

    • Mental health professional who wants to add some DYL tools to your existing toolkit

    • Human resources professional

  • You need to have read the book and taken one of the following DYL workshops, prior to attending the Workshop

  • You intend to use DYL principles and/or materials in your practice with individuals or small groups (10 or less) of clients. *This is NOT a license to teach commercial Designing Your Life workshops or to deliver training events.

Benefits of being a DYL Certified Coach

  • You will be listed on our website as a DYL Certified Coach, with a link to the site you specify

  • You may use the DYL Certified Coaches logo on your own marketing materials

  • You will have access to all the Designing Your Life tools, early access to new tools as they become available – sometimes prior to publication – to be used or adapted into your own coaching practice

  • You will get coaches tips on the exercises and a behind the scenes explanation of how Bill and Dave teach and coach each exercise

  • You will become part of an opt-in learning and support community of DYL Coaches

  • We will provide certification renewal on a regular basis, as defined by our certification agreement

*Note on group size:

This certifcation is designed to support the use of DYL principles in practice with individuals or small groups of less than 10. This is NOT a certification to lead commercial Designing Your Life workshops or delivery of training events.

**Refund Policy

  • Full refund if cancelled more than 30 days from the date the Workshop​ – minus transaction fees
  • 70% refund if cancelled within 10 days of the Workshop – minus transaction fees​
  • 50% refund otherwise – minus transaction fees​