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Design Your Life and Get Unstuck: The Retirement Wisdom Podcast

Author Dave Evans was kindly invited to join The Retirement Wisdom Podcast recently. Listen to the podcast here, and learn more about what’s included below:

“Life planning & career planning can be challenging things to tackle, especially in uncertain times like these. Dave Evans, the co-author of Designing Your Life and the new book Designing your Work Life, explains how the principles of design thinking can give you an edge. Whether you’re anticipating a transition to a new chapter in life in retirement, creating a second career or making a savvy career change, “iterating your way forward” is the best way to explore new options.

Designing Your Life is one of the most impactful books I’ve ever read and the one I’ve most often given as a gift. It’s the best book on life planning and career planning in my view.

We talk about:

  • The story of how Designing Your Life came to be
  • The Principles of Design Thinking and how they can be applied to life planning and career planning using DYL
  • How Designing Your Life is used in different populations around the world today
  • How DYL is leverage by older adults in mid-life and later life
  • Why Reframing is a skill you’ll want to develop
  • How Prototyping works with a person instead of a product
  • What the new book Designing Your Work Life is about
  • How networking is done with a DYL mindset
  • Dave Evans’ advice for someone considering making a change in their life or career

Dave joins us from California.