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Designing Your Life for Women April Workshop

Designing  Your  Life  for  Women”  is  an  intensive,  hands-on  experience  where  you  will  learn  and  apply  the  Life  Design  Framework  ©  from  the  best-selling  book  Designing  Your  Life  –  How  to  Build  a  Well-Lived,  Joyful  Life.    We  will  use  “design  thinking”  methods  and  tools  to  determine  what’s  working  for  you  now,  what’s  missing  and  how  you  could  move  forward  to  create  the  life  you  seek.  You  will  do  all  this  with  lots  of  time  for  reflection,  dialogue,  and  small  group  activities. You can learn more about the exciting new program here and…

Register for our DYL Women’s Workshop April 22-23 at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA!



  • Kathy Davies says:

    @ Brenda
    No East Coast workshops are on the calendar in the near future. Never say never, but so far nothing planned.

  • Brenda says:

    Hi! Are you planning any workshops on the east coast any time in the near future?

  • carol tisson says:

    Woohoo! I’m signed up and really excited for this session “in my neighborhood”! Looking forward to working with you again, Susan and Kathy!

  • Savannah Peterson says:

    H Terry,

    Here’s the link – look forward to seeing you there!

  • terry findeisen says:

    Hi All,
    I very much want to attend but I am unable to find where I can register on-line!

    Where and how can I register?

    Thanks so much-

  • Savannah Peterson says:

    Hi Katrina, just checked and it does not include the price of an overnight stay at Asilomar in the registration cost. Hope you decide to make it!

  • Savannah Peterson says:

    Hi Katrina, I don’t believe it does, but have reached out to the organizers to triple check!

  • Savannah Peterson says:

    Thanks Kirsten! So glad you were able to attend the workshop in LA. Let us know how DYL helps you and your clients!

  • Love this! I just attended the Designing Your Life event in LA this past Sunday. I’m a Life Coach who focuses on empowering women and girls and helping them reach peak performance at work, life and play.
    Loved the book and the mini-course as it is complete alignment with what I help my clients do. Great work!

  • Katrina says:


    Does the registration fee include room at Asilomar?