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Designing Your Life for Women – Stacey’s Story

Stacey Clark designed a better life for herself and is on a mission to help other moms do it too.

Everything about DYL resonates with me – and the workshop was the impetus I needed. Now I am on a mission to empower low-income mothers and to eradicate the holistic poverty plaguing them.

Stacey Clark heard about Designing Your Life from a friend.  Intrigued, she listened to Dave Evan’s NPR podcast to learn more. “It really grabbed my attention. I immediately researched everything I could about the DYL process. Even though I bought the book and did the Creative Live and Stanford Design School online courses, I was still having a hard time understanding the process and the idea of radical collaboration, so I made the investment to fly to California for the DYL for Women workshop. I just really needed to see DYL in action and vibe with other people.”

Stacey attended the workshop hoping to learn “design thinking” and she did. “The workshop unstuck me. It gave me the momentum and tools to get moving. The workshop leaders were incredible and a big part of my experience. Kathy is a high-touch, high-energy force, and Susan is such a reassuring powerhouse of confidence. Being around them was very inspiring.”

But she also got a whole lot more. “I got so much out of the wellness aspect of the workshop – all of the deep breathing, cleansing, and mindfulness. It opened me up to the idea that I should be pursuing a life and work that I find meaningful, and that I could pursue my plan to help low income mothers get out of holistic poverty in a bigger way [than I had previously considered].”

After the workshop, Stacey immediately put her “bigger” Odyssey Plan into action. She’s been developing an eLearning Lifestyle Design program aimed at empowering low-income single mothers. She has a website called Leap, Learn, Live! and is going after grants and fellowships, looking for volunteer facilitators, and exploring partnerships with companies that can help her create a supportive online community for low-income moms. She’s also looking into how a profit sharing, benefit corporation model, rather than a non-profit structure, might enable her business to empower more women.

“I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but building my Odyssey Plan really got me going. Each and every day I feel like I’m not only using design thinking, but experiencing designed living!”



  • Dford11 says:

    This is very empowering. Women sticking together and motivating each other in their quest for self improvement. I’m proud to have such a powerful, inspirational women like you in my life. You have always motivated me and encouraged me to do better. I believe this will help many women that are ready to change life and be progressive. Also giving a support system for those in similar situations. Sometimes we need to know we are not alone in the struggle of life. Thank you for this. Xoxo

  • Megon Smith says:

    Hey Stacey,
    Wow! This is an amazing story about a determined young woman-you! What an inspiration you are to our program! Keep up the good work because I know you are making a difference!

  • Stacey Clark says:

    Hi Mary,
    Thank you for the love and support. Tell me when you will be ready to get to work, helping me make this whole thing the best it can be 🙂


  • Stacey Clark says:

    Thank you Glenda,
    Hope to talk with you soon about Leap, Learn, Live and DYL for Women. I think you would absolutely love both.

  • Stacey Clark says:

    Hi Della,
    It sounds like your mother is one very special woman. I know first hand that it is not easy to raise kids alone and for her to raise five, four of which are boys, she has to be a super woman. Della, if you know anyone who might benefit from this program, please feel free to send them to the Leap, Learn, Live website. I am looking for a pilot group to launch in March of 2018

    Thank you so much for your encouragement.


  • Stacey Clark says:

    Thank you. Can’t wait to share more with you. We are in for a very busy and exciting 2018.

  • Stacey Clark says:

    Thank you for your kind words and continued support 🙂

  • Mary K. Woodard says:

    This is great..

  • Glenda Cheatham says:

    Stacey is an absolute inspiration and creative soul. I know she is walking in her destiny and is committed to helping other women walk in theirs!!

  • Stacey, I love your story. I’m not a single mother, but I am the child of a single mother of five. My mom raised 4 boys and myself in what were the slums of Philadelphia. Thanks to her strong will and determination, we all made it out of poverty and accomplished varying levels of success. I always thought life could have been a little bit easier for Mom if she had some help navigating single motherhood. I’m thrilled that there are now organizations like yours providing support for women like my mother. Thank you.

  • Jessica says:


  • Gail says:

    Sounds like a great thing to do for women that need a push. I believe this will benefit low income ways in a positive way and encourage or empower them to make a better life for themselves and their family. Kudos to you Ms. Clark!?

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