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Two Workshops in San Francisco: August 5th and 26th.

Spend a day working on the most important design project of all – your life.  This nine-hour workshop, taught by the co-authors of the book, will walk you through all of the exercises in the New York Times bestseller Designing Your Life – How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life and will include new exercises that Bill and Dave have developed that are not in the book or the on-line class from Creative Live.  Attendees of the workshop will also receive three additional office hours, delivered on-line, with Bill Burnett and/or Dave Evans.

Note: The August 5th workshop will be hosted by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. The August 26th workshop will be hosted by Bill Burnett. Buy tickets here on Eventbrite.


  • Kathy Davies says:

    We do hope to bring a workshop or two to the East Coast this coming year. Please keep your eye on the events page here at the website (go to resources, click through to workshops, you’ll see it) for upcoming events.

  • Kathy Davies says:

    Daniela, and those who have interest in joining a Facebook group regardless of having gone to a workshop, there is indeed a Designing Your Life Discussion Group. Find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DesigningYourLifeTheBook/

  • Daniela says:

    Is there a Facebook group for people who love the book but have not been through the workshop??

  • Sam Shaffer says:

    When is your next workshop in New York City?

  • Would also be interested in both attending a workshop and facilitation training in Europe. Thanks

  • Nancy Stephenson says:

    Will do!

  • Dan says:

    Any East Coast swings in the future? – DM

  • Kathy Davies says:

    @ Nancy
    No workshops currently planned for Europe, but we will be releasing a 2018 workshop schedule in the next month or so. Please keep an eye on the website for further information.

  • Nancy Stephenson says:

    Any workshops planned for Europe???

  • Nancy Stephenson says:

    Any chance that you will be offering something in Europe?

  • Kathy Davies says:

    @ Colette Deharpporte-
    We don’t yet have a facilitator training process outside of the Stanford Studio for colleges and universities. The Life Design team is considering whether we could offer a formal training process to the public however, so never say never. If and when training is available we will be sure to announce here on the website, and through the Facebook page and newsletter. Stay tuned!

  • Are there any opportunities for non university faculty to be trained as Designing Your Life facilitators?

  • Kathy Davies says:

    @Jabali Sawicki
    We have two Designing Your Life For Women weekends coming up: Sept 30 – Oct 1 in Pacific Grove, CA, and Nov 11-12 in San Diego CA. Keep your eye on the website for any additional offerings – we hope to have workshops throughout the year.

  • Any idea on future workshop events. Is anything planned?