DYL Certified Facilitator


1. What is the difference between DYL Coach Certification and DYL Facilitator Certification?

Coach Certification: This certification is targeted to career coaches, career counselors, human resource professionals and mental health professionals who are qualified/certified to provide coaching services. The certification covers individual coaching and small group coaching, not to exceed 6 people. It is not certification to offer workshops.

Facilitator Certification: This certification is targeted to consultants/trainers who own their own business and are skilled and experienced workshop facilitators, with a track record of successful business results. Certification covers the delivery of 1 day and 1.5 day Designing Your Life Workshops which which usually include a minimum of 18 people and a maximum of 50 people.

2. What kind of Workshop Certifications are available?

There are two kinds of facilitator certifications:

1. Workshop Provider: A DYL Workshop Provider is an owner/operator of a Workshop/Consulting business and is certified to deliver DYL Workshops independently, as part of their Workshop portfolio.

2. Contract Facilitator: A contract facilitator is certified to deliver DYL Workshops in collaboration with a Master Facilitator or Workshop Provider. They are not certified to deliver DYL Workshops independently.

3. Are there royalties payable to the DYL IP holders?

Yes, the DYL IP holders – Burnett-Evans LLC – get a license fee, and it’s done in 2 different ways, for two different audiences.

1. Corporate Audience (B2B): The license/royalty charge is $100.00 per person taught.  This can be paid in advance by a company when they know how many people they are going to teach. For example, we licensed a company to deliver DYL to 400 employees, for which they paid in advance.  Once they hit that milestone, they asked for 200 more licenses. Or it can be done program by program.  For example, if you have a class of 40 people, they would pay $100*40 = $4,000 in license fees. We have set a pricing standard of $950 regular price and $799 early bird or discounted price per person, and explain to client companies that $100.00 of that is for license/royalties.

2. Consumer Audience(B2C): When you do a consumer session (open enrollment available to any consumer), the license charge is $12% of your gross revenue.  Gross revenue is calculated as total revenue minus ticketing third- party charges, and prior to any other operating expense deductions.

4. Are there any other fees that you expect certified trainers to cover? Annually or per volume? 

There are no additional fees. However, there is a requirement to run at least 40 hours of DYL Workshops a year, which is typically four 1 day workshops or three 1.5 day workshops.

5. What about the coaches $800 license fee?  Will this still be required once you are a licensed facilitator?

Once you are certified as a contract facilitator or a DYL Workshop Provider, if you are a certified DYL coach, you no longer have to pay the $800.00 per year coaching certification, because you will be paying a license fee on the 40 hours of training you are providing per year.

6. Are there any licensing renewal and or re-certification fees for trainers?

License Duration: Your initial license is good for one year, as long as you have
delivered at least 40 hours of Designing Your Life training with high quality as
evidenced by evaluations you will send to us.

Re-Certification: You need to be re-certified annually, which requires attending a workshop and evidence that you have met the requirements for ongoing certification.  At that time, we will release new material on which you will be certified, and we will again require you to deliver that material during the workshop and be evaluated.  There will be a cost associated with a recertification fee.

We want to make sure that it makes business sense from both sides to engage in the relationship.  As you saw from the RFP, we will be requiring delivery of 40 hours of content annually, so if the growth of your business is such that this seems unlikely, we would want to save you the expense of training at this time, and engage with you in future when you have the capacity to deliver workshops at this rate. 

7. Why do you need a business plan as part of the proposal?

We want to make sure that it makes business sense from both sides to engage in the relationship.  As you saw from the RFP, we will be requiring delivery of 40 hours of content annually, so if the growth of your business is such that this seems unlikely, we would want to save you the expense of training at this time, and engage with you in future when you have the capacity to deliver workshops at this rate. 

8. Would this session also cover the offering for businesses? What would that offer be?

  • Yes, DYL is often done for businesses. And corporations.   When you come to the train-the-trainer, we will also share with you and have you practice modules you haven’t seen yet about Designing Your “Perfect” Job, Prototyping Your Career, and Having Career and Life Conversations with your manager.  
  • We will be tracking the companies our certified trainers have as accounts, in order to make sure we don’t have multiple trainers calling on the same company and creating confusion.  We will ask you to identify those companies with whom you are doing business and we will ask you to stay within that list and let us know before contacting / expanding to other companies so we can check for other facilitators already working in that account.  This prevents inadvertent competition between certified facilitators.
  • Businesses tend to implement DYL because they want to increase employee engagement and/or job and company satisfaction.  It can also be part of a company’s wellness initiative.  At the train-the-trainer will discuss positioning DYL for corporate business.  Since Susan Burnett has spent the last 35 years as a buyer of similar training workshops in her corporate roles, she will coach you on how to align DYL with company objectives.  We will also share some winning proposals examples in the train-the-trainer.
  • This license does not certify you to be a “master trainer”, which is a trainer who has the ability to certify other trainers.  If a company wants to execute a “train-the-trainer” for their internal trainers, you will need to contact DYL Group and partner with master trainers to deliver that service.

9. How are you managing competition between facilitators? (Pricing, Corporate Accounts, Territories)

  • Pricing: To maintain a level playing field, we will require all facilitators to price DYL workshops using standard pricing (for one day / 1.5 day workshops $950 regular price / $799 early bird).  We will discuss options for shorter workshops (half day) and corporate engagements.  We will also discuss a typical venue costs and geographic locations that might require different pricing.  If you have populations that you hope to serve that would require pricing modifications, please note your intentions in your proposal, and how you would propose to address these atypical situations.
  • Corporate Accounts (B2B):   Many companies have offices in other countries or may even be global, so territories are an interesting concept when it comes to corporate workshops, because companies are often not geographically bound.  All Susan’s corporate work has been in global companies (Gap Inc., Yahoo!, Deloitte, HP), so she knows we need to keep track of the companies our partners are working with, in order to avoid unintentional channel/customer conflict.  If you are already working with companies as part of your business, please make sure to note so in your proposal.
  • Territory Coverage: We will also want to make sure that we don’t overload a specific geography with too many trainers and create an overly competitive situation. Starting out, we will be looking for a good geographic spread with only 1 or 2 partners in a region of a country or small country. 
  • Adding Partners to a Territory:  When Susan checked out how other companies do this, she discovered it’s all through conversations with the current partner base.  If we had 2 or 3 partners in Mexico and wanted to add more, we would check in with the current partners, share our plans, and determine if adding a new partner would be a barrier to your business.  In most cases, the new partner is covering a geography or industry in which they have expertise that the other partners don’t, so it’s a non-issue.  We aren’t going to be a huge, impersonal business.  So we’ll talk and agree on the best plan for all!
  • What if my business is small?  Will I end up with a small territory and or be stuck in a territory with a larger competitor, unable to grow?
    We will be choosing facilitators with good potential to scale and will not select for training multiple facilitators from the same “territory”.  Depending on the proposals we receive, we will determine territory sizes and types.  Small growing businesses are not initially as competitive as established training businesses, but that does not rule out their participation, as we expect that some of our facilitators will be small businesses. We expect that growth will be managed for the success of all facilitators.
  • The RFP mentions a minimum of two trainers and I’m a solo practitioner – does it mean I’m disqualified? I’m wondering if you’re looking for bigger providers?
    We will recommend that facilitators of 1 – 1.5 day workshops teach with a partner as this is a stronger participant experience, but single facilitator companies will not be ruled out.  In the case of small providers, we may take two from a geographic area, with the hope that there is opportunity for collaboration in delivery.
  • Will you be redirecting demand that you’re not able to meet to certified trainers? Or should trainers be expected to generate all the leads?
    We will be redirecting demand we are unable to meet to certified facilitators, and may hire certified facilitators to co-teach with us, depending on need.  That said, we will be selecting facilitators with the ability to generate their own leads preferentially.  Interested facilitators should assume that they will need to generate all their own business.
  • If redirecting, based on your current experience, how do you imagine doing it – especially if it’s a ’territory’ that hasn’t been assigned yet? If business is redirected, we would first redirect to territory owners, and then secondarily select facilitators who have experience in adjacent markets, either geographically, or materially with respect to population or content.


10. Am I able to translate and reproduce materials locally as needed?

Yes, we will give you the workbook and slides as files, and you can translate them into Spanish.  We do require you to keep the same brand look and feel, logo and copyright notice, but that shouldn’t get in the way of translation.

The book is being translated into Spanish and will be released shortly.  

11. What about offering DYL at Universities? Does Facilitator Certification cover that?

 Stanford is actively training universities to offer the 10-week DYL curriculum to undergraduate and graduate students in their The Life Design Studio. If your intention is to bring life design to your university campus, you might be better served by creating a team of 3 at your institution and attending this higher education specific training.

The 4-day long studio experience invites university teams of 3 to Stanford to learn with other universities across the world.  (Click on the link above to learn more.) Stanford’s curriculum is 10 weeks long and includes many modules tailored for college students that do not show up in the commercial version of the program. Stanford gives for free to other universities the entirety of the curriculum for life design courses taught at Stanford, charging only a small fee for three participants to attend the Studio training.

The commercial DYL facilitator certification does not include delivering DYL to non-profit universities at a profit.  As a commercially certified facilitator you could certainly do a 1 day or 1.5 day workshop as a business or relationship development opportunity at your cost, but you may not make a profit from non-profit universities.  

12. What are the benefits of being a DYL Certified Facilitator?

  • You will be listed on the designingyour.life website as a DYL Certified Facilitator, with a link to a site you specify.
  • Your workshop schedule will be posted on the website with a link to your registration site.
  • You may use the DYL Certified Facilitator logo on your marketing materials and social media profiles.
  • You will have access to Quarterly Meetings designed to support you launch your DYL workshops. The virtual meetings will include: new DYL content, new marketing tools, addressing community questions, and sharing success stories.
  • Connections to other DYL facilitators with the potential for collaboration and co-instruction.  
  • Become part of the certified Facilitator pool who could be engaged in larger scale workshops run by the DYL Group.
  • You will have access to all the commercial Designing Your Life materials which include branded and copyrighted
      1. Facilitator’s Guide
      2. PowerPoint Slides/Files
      3. Workbook Files
      4. New Materials as they become available – sometimes prior to publication
      5. Facilitator Tips from the Authors

Certification Training Questions

Who will be facilitating the T3? 

Susan Burnett and Kathy Davies will be facilitating the T3.  Bill Burnett will join us for part of the session and engage in Q&A.


What pre-work and studying is needed prior to the training? 

The only pre-work necessary is to have read the book, and to have attended an in person workshop (Intensive or DYL for Women).


What support materials will I get during and as a result of the training? And what are the rules of use?

Materials: As a facilitator, you will be provided with all materials necessary to deliver the DYL workshops, including slides, handouts, evaluation forms, workbook files etc.  You will also be provided with proposal guidelines and a template, pricing guidelines, and email templates.


Is the certification meant for delivering off the shelf products? i.e. once certified, are trainers expected to deliver the pre-formatted 1/2 day, 1 day, 1.5 days and 2 days workshops?

Yes.  We will be sharing pre-formatted workshops of varying lengths, for delivery as built.


Will we have the autonomy to shuffle DYL content to cater to clients’ specific needs? 

We will describe material combinations that are allowed and disallowed, and discuss the process of customizing the order of modules, or selecting modules based on client needs at the T3.  The intention is to train facilitators to deliver the life design materials in brand compliant combinations.


Will there be room for customization? i.e. will trainers be allowed to add contents and materials relevant to specific clients/populations? 

Facilitators will be allowed to deliver DYL materials in approved blocks, branded as DYL workshops.  If a client desires customization of DYL to meet their needs, we will address in the train-the-trainer how to handle that, and show you which modules are required and in a specific sequence and which modules can plug and play.  If a client requests additional non DYL materials, facilitators would be encouraged to deliver those materials before or after the DYL workshop.  No customization of the DYL slides will be allowed unless approved by the Life Design Group prior to delivery.


Will there be any collaboration/learning or marketing support after the program? 

Collaboration, Community Building and Learning Support

Following the training, there will be quarterly support calls, and access to Susan Burnett and Kathy Davies (Master Trainers) for spot support.  The expectation is that the community will collaborative, not competitive, and that trainers will share learnings and support one another.

Marketing and Promotion Support 

We will promote all public commercial workshops delivered by DYL certified facilitators on the DYL website, in the DYL newsletter and on the DYL Facebook pages.  Corporate business generation will be left to individual facilitators, through their own business processes, although it will be made clear on the DYL website that the DYL group partners with the facilitators’ businesses and that these businesses are the only officially certified partners for delivery of corporate workshops. We will continue to post blog posts and other content on the DYL website and facebook pages, which can be linked to and repurposed by trained facilitators to promote their events.