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The DYL Group Announces the Second Certification Workshop for Life and Career Coaches!

Many life and career coaches have discovered Designing Your Life through the publication of our book in September of 2016.  Many have told us that they want to add the DYL ideas, tools, and exercises to their coaching practice, and they want to make sure that they are getting the most out of coaching with these tools.  Based on this demand, the Bill and Dave taught the first Coaches Certification workshop last July, and certified .  You can meet those amazing individuals, all 42 of them, on the Designing Your Life Coaches page – https://designingyour.life/certifiedcoaches/

We learned a lot from that “first prototype” and we are excited to announce the Second Coaches Certification Workshop that will take place in San Francisco, on January 5th and 6th, 2019.  Bill Burnett and Dave Evans are once again your instructors.

Certified coaches get the following benefits:

      You will be listed on our website as a certified coach, with a link to the site you specify.

      You will have access to all the Designing Your Life tools, early access to new tools as they become available – sometimes prior to publication.

      You will get coaches tips on the exercises and a behind the scenes explanation of how Bill and Dave teach and coach each exercise.

      In the certification workshop you will practice delivering coaching with our exercises and build your competency and confidence in the process.

      You will become part of an opt-in learning and support community of DYL Coaches

      You will get a coupon code offering your clients a discount on a Designing Your Life Intensive workshops.

      We will provide certification renewal on a regular basis, as defined by our certification agreement.

 To be eligible to be a DYL Certified Coach, you have to be a life or career coach with your own practice, and a certification from a recognized coaching institute, training program, or school.  You might also be a career counselor at a non-profit or University, or a professional psychologists who wants to add some DYL tools to your existing toolkit.   

In addition, you have to have taken the Designing Your Life workshop – either the Intensive, the DYL for Women, or the Creative Live on-line class.   DYL at creativelive.com is available 24/7.  You need to have experienced the class in order to become a certified Coach.

If this sounds like you, and you are available on the weekend of January 5th-6th, please fill out this brief interest form, and we will be in touch with more details soon.

The cost of the Certification workshop is $2800.00 USD, which includes your first year of certification. Annual renewal of your certification is $800.00.  

We look forward to graduating the second class of certified Design Your Life Coaches and continuing to build the DLY movement world-wide. 

Bill and Dave