Designing Your Work Life
In-Person & Virtual Team Workshops

Why Bring DYWL to Your Workplace?DYL Workshop Participants

There has never been a more compelling need for new work life design than now!

The global pandemic has changed everything – the way we work, learn, celebrate, workout, care for families and play.

And  it’s tough to work virtually every day, all day.  Employees at every level struggle with blurred boundaries, isolation and burnout. And many feel stuck, unable to progress in their jobs and careers, as everyone waits for things to go back to “normal”.

We believe the new normal will continue to evolve, and we must design ways to thrive and grow in this world of turbulent change.

What Results Are You Looking For?

We work with companies and organizations who want to increase employees’ engagement and their ability to:

  • Confidently use design thinking process, tools and mindsets to address work and life challenges
  • Reframe balance to avoid the either/or dichotomy of work-life
  • Design ways to improve your balance and energy
  • Get unstuck
  • Design possibilities for career growth and agency
  • Increase discernment and confidently make decisions
  • Prototype (try out) new work life designs

What’s Your Solution?

Great design always starts with empathy for user needs, so we start with your goals and needs and co-create a solution with you considering these variables:

  • Workshop length: From 3 hours – 1.5 days
  • Format: Virtual, in-person or hybrid
  • Content: Use standard modules, or work with us to co-create new models

Who Should Participate?

We work with companies and organizations that want to help their employees stay engaged in their work, get unstuck, and envision thriving future careers and lives.

We’ve worked with:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Employees at every level
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Intact and leadership teams in offsites
  • Employee Resource Groups

No prior design thinking experience is needed!

For more information about our workshops, contact Catherine Dalipe at

Who Are We?

We are the co-CEOs of Designing Your Life Consulting.  In addition to facilitating all public and corporate workshops, we are the only licensees who can train and certify others to facilitate in-person and virtual Designing Your Life and Designing Your Work Life workshops.

Kathy Davies

Kathy Davies is the Managing Director of the Life Design Lab at Stanford University, where she teaches Product Design and life design courses, and shares life design trainings with educators globally.  She is also the co-founder of Designing Your Life Consulting and a commercial Master Trainer.

Kathy has 15 years of industry experience developing electromechanical and software products, and proudly holds five patents. She consults with Silicon Valley companies, teaches design thinking, conducts ethnographic research, and develops product strategies and concepts. Her prior experience as an engineer and product manager and leader of engineering teams gives her particular skill in understanding and connecting with technical audiences as they learn life design tools.

Kathy believes design thinking and life design can empower social change, especially around equity for women.


Susan Burnett

Susan Burnett is co-founder of Designing Your Life Consulting and a Master Trainer who teaches DYL at Stanford University, in companies and in public retreats.

Susan has dedicated the last 40 years of her career to designing for individual and organizational transformation and growth. She held executive leadership roles at Hewlett-Packard, Gap Inc. Deloitte and Yahoo!, where she led large-scale business changes, cultural renewal, employee engagement, and leadership development. She also led the effort to build Deloitte University – a center for leadership and culture.

Susan believes that by empowering people with the life design process, tools and mindsets we can design new ways to work and live in a chaotic, unpredictable, and ever-changing world.  She is a regular speaker, consultant and author.