Watch: Dave Evans Explains to Big Think the Difference Between Engineering & Design Thinking

Designing Your Life author Dave Evans had a chance to sit down with Big Think recently. Dave, who is an engineer by academic training, highlighted the difference between Design Thinking and Engineering in this excellent video. Take a look and let us know what you learned!

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  • Muzammal says:

    Thank you Dave for an eloquently and clearly communicated distinction between design thinking and other approaches to design. It’s fascinating to me as someone also trained in permaculture (or ecological) design which uses principles in nature as a model to design solutions whether the garden, ones life, career or for a community project. There’s much similarity (at least to me) and these are such important tools and ways of looking at ourselves and the world to help us navigate away from the robotic, uninspiring, mundane, and along the creative, meaningful, more human less beaten path! I like the work you’re doing.