Our Global Partners

The global reach of Designing Your Life continues to expand…

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We have developed in-county DYL training schools and institutes in China at the D.T. School and in Singapore at the DYL Institute.

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The DYL Coach Certification Program, designed for professionals (life & career coaches, career counselors, human resources & mental health professionals) wishing to utilize the DYL tools with individuals and small groups, has trained 640+ Certified DYL Coaches in 36 countries.

The Life Design Studio at Stanford, co-founded by Dave Evans and Bill Burnett, is on a mission to train academic and career educators working in higher education to create Life Design programs in their institutions. The Studio has now trained 350+ universities worldwide and is estimated to have impacted over 1 million students.

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Global DYL Workshop Providers

We are proud to have certified life design workshop providers around the world. These businesses deliver certified life design workshops in 6 languages and counting.