Bring DYL to your organisation

In a turbulent world of accelerating global, economic and technology changes employees at every level need the tools to design work and a life that works for them  and your organization.

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Why bring Designing Your Work Life to your organization?

The world of work is ever changing.

AI, automation, robots and new technologies will continue to replace today’s jobs. Employees at every level are struggling with shifting expectations, blurred boundaries, isolation, burnout, reskilling, and lack of career growth. Many feel stuck, and no longer want to force fit their life into work, but rather want work to fit into a thriving life.

We work with organizations who want to empower their business and people
to use design thinking and life design tools to build employee engagement, drive professional development, improve employee wellness and increase creativity
and innovation.

We deliver solutions both in person and virtually to meet the needs of onsite, remote and hybrid work.

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What do our customers say?

“The DYL workshop provided my team with the tools and motivation to consider collective approaches to improving our well being. After generating lots of possible ideas, we chose a group time management pilot that we implemented in the weeks after the workshop. The pilot delivered improved well-being, greater insight into how we might better use our time, and deeper understanding of an iterative design process that we can now apply to other challenges.”


Jennifer Kurkoski
Jennifer Kurkoski
Google HR Director

“We brought DYL to Bain in Asia to help our people design their balance and energy during pandemic restrictions. With work and life overlapping and competing in new ways, the workshop helped our people design new ways to work and live. The feedback was positive: “One of the best facilitations in my experience” and “More than anything it is wonderful to take the time out to think about how to solve some wicked problems and make space to think about how to make our lives more enjoyable.”


Stephen Shih
Stephen Shih
Associate Dean, MBA Programs and Adjunct Professor of Management, HKUST Business School

“Why just read the book, when you can experience an interactive Design Your Life Workshop! Led by engaging facilitators, Susan and Kathy, the journey moves from concepts to practice in a fast-paced and fun environment, where radical collaboration leads to new levels of thinking and potential experiments. I left with confidence, an action plan with small simple steps, and a network of support.”


Maria Massei-Rosato
Maria Massei-Rosato
Entrepreneur and former executive at Federal Reserve Bank of New York