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If you are working with companies to help their employees design work they love, own their own careers, and design balance and energy for increased engagement, then Designing Your Work and Life programs are a great fit for your portfolio of solutions.

Upcoming Certifications



Attendance at all 5 workshops is required.

Tuesday, October 22

Thursday, October 24

Saturday, October 26

Thursday, October 31

Sunday, November 2


8:00 am – 1:00 pm PT

11:00 am – 4:00 pm ET

5:00 pm – 10:00 pm CEST for Europe


Our Goals

We want to create a Designing Your Life and Work movement, bringing the design process, mindsets and tools to people all over the world so they can design thriving lives. To do that we will certify like-missioned organizations in our Designing Your Work and Life programs.

Certification training will:

  • Deepen your conscious competency in career and life wayfinding.
  • Build the knowledge, skills and mindsets required to deliver Designing Your Work and Life virtual and in person workshops.
  • Use “DYL Logic” to configure modules into workshop solutions that meet client needs.
  • Create a collaborative environment that supports you to achieve certification.

Our Requirements

  • Brand Alignment: Possess an existing, established brand that is consistent with the DYL brand.
  • Complementary Product Line: View Designing Your Life as complementary to services you already deliver as a consulting organization.
  • Experience: Have at least 7-10 years of workshop facilitation experience, especially in a corporate setting. Have a minimum of 5 years running an independent business/consulting practice, with a track record of satisfied clients and consistent revenue.
  • Existing Customer Base: Have existing clients who would benefit from DYNWL.
  • Two Facilitator Minimum: Be able to send a minimum of two of your already experienced trainers to the certification training (US $5000.00 per trainer.)
  • Delivery: You must deliver at least 40 hours of Designing Your Life content a year.
  • Reading: Read the Designing Your Life; How to Build a Well-Lived Joyful Life and Designing Your New Work Life
  • Workshop Experience: Completed an in person or digital Designing Your Life Workshop or completed the Designing Your Life Coaching Certification

Our Process

Our certification process works like this:

If  anything is unclear, download our Frequently Asked Questions, or get in touch.

1. Complete & Submit your Application
3. Register & Pay

Confirm your participation with Kathy Davies (and pay $5,000 USD per facilitator. Two facilitators are mandatory for each organization.

4. Receive Prework & Prepare

The prework includes the session plan and slides for every module. You will be required to complete your examples for each modules DYWL assessments/tools

5. Complete five Zoom Workshops

The certification program is five 4 1/2 hour zoom workshops:

  • Session 1: Introduction, Life Design Framework, Social Narrative, and Workview
  • Session 2: Lifeview, Coherence, Balance and Energy
  • Session 3: Getting Unstuck, Framing and Reframing Problems, Ideation
  • Session 4: Odyssey Plans and Prototyping
  • Session 5: Change and Impact Assessment, Design Your ”Perfect” Job and Framing Your “Ask”
6. Submit final Teaching Videos

Record yourself teaching in Zoom (or another virtual classroom technology) the following core modules:

  1. Life Design Framework and Design Thinking
  2. Workview
  3. Designing Balance and Energy
  4. Getting Unstuck: Problem Framing, Reframing and Ideation
  5. Odyssey Plans
  6. Prototyping
7. Achieve Certification & Benefits
  1. Website Marketing: Your organization will be as a DYL Certified Workshop Provider listed on our website with a link to a site you specify. Your workshop schedule will be posted on the website with a link to your registration site. You can also post on our blog page, your participant’s DYL stories.
  2. DYL Brand and Logo Use: Certified facilitators may use the DYL Certified Facilitator logo on marketing materials and social media profiles.
  3. Branded Materials:
    1. Session Plans
    2. PowerPoint Slides and Files
    3. Workbook Files
    4. New Materials as they become available – sometimes prior to publication.
  4. Community of Practice: You will have access to Quarterly Meetings with other DYL Workshop Providers. These virtual meetings include new DYL content, marketing tools, and sharing best practices, and addressing questions. We have seen collaboration and co-instruction realized when one organization gets a large global deal, or another needs more capacity.