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Cheng Wang(王成)

Co-Founder of DT.School,
China Partner of Designing Your Life
Vice President of International Association for Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE)
China partner of Stanford University's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mentor Development Program
EMBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

Bill Burnett(比尔·博内特)

Co-Founder of DT.School
Co-Founder of Stanford Life Design Lab
Adjunct Professor, Stanford University
Executive Director, Stanford Advanced Design Program
Co-author of Designing Your Life and Designing Your New Worklife
Product leader of Apple's first notebook (Powerbook)
Product manager of Star Wars toys

Paul Marca(保罗·马卡)

Co-Founder of DT.School
Former Associate Vice Provost for Technology and Learning, Stanford University, Former Associate Vice Provost for Strategy and Programs, Stanford University, Former Director of Stanford Center for Professional Development
First vice president of International Association for Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE)

Master Trainers

Cheng Wang(王成)

Stanford Innovation Masters Series Certificate
Chief Lecturer of Design Thinking China

Bill Burnett(比尔·博内特)

Father of Designing Your Life
Academic director of Stanford Design Impact Master Program

Certified Facilitators

Ruoxia Zhu

She helps people who suffer from burnout or feel stuck in their careers.She is one of distinguished experts of National University Employment Center, a National Vocational instructor, a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF), a Board Certified Coach for career(BCC), and a CPP certified MBTI analyst. Before becoming DYL trainer and coach, she got her MBA degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and then worked there for 21 years.She is the author of “16 Natural Personalities”, “How to Control Your Life”, “Dialogue for Future”.

Luke Liu

Executive coach of scores of internet startups and investment funds. Career transition coach of internet staff, MBA, stay-at-home moms, freelancer… .Used to be a journalist, GM of a startup, 10+ years strategy and investment experience, a life designing practitioner ."Career planning force" original developer .Adept at coaching topics like waking up enthusiasm and action, work/life balance, self-awareness and decision, getting out of dilemma. ___________________________

Hongjing Bao

Graduated from Tsinghua University.Fifteen years' experience in talent training and development.Served as training director and talent development director in several 100 billion group companies.Help managers reserve cadres grow and develop better, help enterprises activate and empower individuals, and improve organizational efficiency.Worked in Colleges and universities and taught teaching design.Now she is focusing on solving difficult problems in life and work with design thinking, so as to make life happier, fuller and more exciting.

Eileen Zheng

Global Strategy Director of Top 500 company ,Six Sigma Black Belt, Vice Minister of Publicity and Education department of Global Economic Development Promotion Association, CCTV Happiness Lecture Hall, China National Radio, Sohu and other columns interview guests.   Design thinking expert, engaged in public welfare innovation courses, planning and holding nearly 100 design thinking workshops for universities, enterprises and social organizations.  She is the Best-selling author. ___________________________

Certified Coaches

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Ding Kun


Through the catalyst of professionalism, with empathy, curiosity and trust, I support my clients to explore more possibilities of happy and meaningful lives.

ILLUMINABLE Founder,ICF PCC,DISC Mentor, DYL certified Coach
Business Strategy Development Coach, Organization and Culture Development Coach

Chancia He

Beijing, China

She is a female doctor across three major fields of engineering, management, and psychology. She is a hot mom with multiple roles.
She has interned in a foreign company, worked as a leader in a private company, and served as an official in a state-owned company. She once chose the wrong major and entered the wrong profession, and she finally found a place in the coaching career she is good at.
She can tell you how to avoid lightning and design your life efficiently.
She has extensive experience in individual coaching and group training, and is good at inspiring people's potential, creating high-performance teams and individualized areas of strengths; focusing on helping people explore career development paths in their areas of strength.
Coaches have coached 5000+ clients, of which 80% are middle and senior managers of enterprises.

Liu Lin


Nankai University MBA, potential coach, sand table management coach, Certified Private Banker(CPB),nearly 10 years of working experience in serving high net worth customers and enterprises, willing to accompany more people, stimulate their potential and help design their beautiful life

Liu Da


ciate Professor of Liaoning University of Science and Technology, winner of the National Innovation Teaching Contest, judge of the National Innovation Teaching Contest, member of Xipu Education Innovation Excellence Program, outstanding graduate student of NLP coach leadership, trainee of English Test for International Communication, and National level II psychological consultant.
Focusing on innovative teaching design of integration of enterprise training and college education, the comprehensive quality education of international talents, the curriculum design guided by the learning golden compass of OECD World Economic and Trade Organization.

Bao Xiaoyang


The conception and methods of “Design Your Life” (DYL) themed design thinking and positive psychology have provided wide perspectives and useful tools for us to think freely about a brighter future. I sincerely expect a new-round of learning, sharing and practicing with more partners to co-create and co-construct a more meaningful life of well-being.

Wu Jie

Beijing, China

One of my dreams is to help people to rediscover their possibilities in your own way and become a better version of yourself to face all of uncertainty in your life positively.

Wu Yang

Xi'an,Shanxi, China

Director of the vocational guidance teaching and research section in the university, fifteen years of experience in student management, course teaching and consulting. Lecturer of career planning and employment guidance courses. Global career planner, career coach, vision practitioner.

Wu Jiyuan

Beijing, China

I started a business with my lover at the age of 28, and served as the sales manager, marketing director and general manager of the company. At the age of 34, I began to think my own life, and I have been on the road to find the ultimate answer about life. In the Satya family therapy model I have been immersed in professional courses for 13 years, studied positive discipline, non-violent communication, intimate journey and other courses, and passed the national second-level psychological counselor qualification. These experiences have made me more and more clear about my life mission - to let every life living my own unique value.When I attended Stanford University's life design class, I felt very excited, because it almost completely met all my needs for my own growth and helping others grow.These tools are very effective for me. I can almost see the future that my partner and I use these tools to co-design a happy life.

Stella Chang


I decided to be a person with influence when I was 18, and I have never been away from the mission since then. My career starting as a journalist, writer, public relations practitioner, a leader, and a leadership facilitator at DDI. I hope that I can continue devoting myself to help others live a valuable life without regrets.

Zhang Man

Tianjin ,China

English teacher of Peking University High School
"Forrest Gump" wrote: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. Everyone's life is full of unknown, and it is more worth exploring because of the unknown. Lively and cheerful personality and strong thirst for knowledge make me always curious about the world. I like to explore and understand the world in multiple dimensions. Design your own amazing life and live your true self-worth.

Rain Zhang


I have top 500 Asia-pacific PKG design and engineering background and work more than 23 years in FMCG packaging industry. I devote myself to recording beauty, solving problem and creating value by visual thinking, and empowering individuals and organizations with design thinking as a designer.

Zhang Xiuxia


Relax work, lively life

Ling Zhang


With solid Talent Acquisition and HR business partner experiences in World 500 Fortune MNC, I’m thinking how to leverage the “Design your life”program to empower more and more people who are so anxious in the “VUCA” environment. Hope everyone and myself can find the right ways to the happiness in our life journey.

Zhang Lianjun

Beijing, China

I am Zhang Lianjun, a man who believes, takes responsibility and loves! Large state-owned enterprise executives, MBA, mind explorers, lifelong learning practitioners, in the process of learning to harvest growth and happiness, in the exploration of life journey, fortunate to meet the design of life, harvested a group of partners to support people for fun, more inspired adults to achieve their own faith and enthusiasm, only hope that the future can help more people to release the best, has always existed, waiting to be discovered unlimited potential, live a happy and meaningful life, let the world because I am a little better, this wish is enough!

Lisa Zhang

Beijing, China

CTI certified professional coach(CPCC), focusing on career transition and career development.
One of China’s first certified coaches of Design Your Life and "CMW® Creating Meaningful Work"
15 years experience in HRM, worked as HRD for high tech and IT company.
Double Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Applied Psychology.

Summer Xu

Shanghai, China

Accomplished Talent Management profession with passion in contributing knowledge and skill to support YOU to pursuit a life with vision and purpose.

Vivian Qi

Shanghai, China

After studying many majors, I found that I work for meaning and value to life. This is a joyful life journey. I hope that through the design of life, I can explore and excavate more meaning and happiness, help myself, and help more people to have a positive life .
If you get stuk or be confused,just do something or simple good deed.
Design your life to design your happiness and the meaning of existence.
If you get stuk or be confused,just do something or simple good deed.
Design your life to design your happiness and the meaning of existence.

Dai Ninghong


Designing your Life Certified Coach

Li Yiting

Beijing, China

Yiting is a high school college counselor, focusing on help students both in high schools and colleges design their lives and let them shine through. She has been supporting more than 100 families who wants to pursue their undergraduate study outside mainland China. She is also an Improv Theatre practitioner and facilitator. Along with being certified coach in DYL, she tries to help her students from multi-dimensions and make their lives more interesting.

Li Ke


Mind Coach for Executive
Engaged in enterprise management consulting for 20+ years/served as a perennial management consultant/trainer/coach for many Fortune 500 companies in China

Yang Guiying

Beijing, China

I had provided talent assessment and people development services over 15 years. I am a coach who has both in house HR working experience and professional consulting experience in world famous consulting firm. During my 6 years as a consultant, I had offered assessment feedbacks and development dialogues sessions for over 1000 managers. To stay on the path of altruism is my core coaching value, thus my mission lies clear – I offer only the sincerest help to others. I believe that coaching is to encourage continuous change and promote transforming actions for the coachee. Therefore, I focus on creating space for thinking and exploration while initiating coaching sessions. I wish to inspire my coachees with energetic and positive thinking, as well regarding them with warm accompany and an opened mind.

Sharon Yang


A 20+ years HR veteran with engineer’s mindset and kid’s curiosity. Believe that “the best yet comes”, and always enjoy the life journey, up or down.

Wang Ling


In the first half of my life, I experienced several transformations from doctors in hospitals to corporate learning and development managers and organizational development consultants in the workplace, helping various organizations and managers find the strength to move forward; When the second half of life opens, I hope that the ideas and tools of designing life can make myself and my friends around me more calmly cope with the endless changes in the world; The best life is always on the road full of curiosity.

Wang Nan

Beijing, China

Entrepreneur/Coach/ MBA/ Fashion&Lifestyle KOL/ Aesthetics Trainer
Stella is the Founder and CEO of GLOW&FLOW Jewelry. She has accumulated experience in investment and branding before starting her entrepreneurship. Having studied in 4 different countries ( China, USA, Sweden and South Korea), she has been equipped with a multicultural mindset. She holds the belief that women should glow and flow whatever roles they play in life and strives to help women to follow their passion and design a better life.

Vicky Wang


Vicky is a passionate personal development coach with great empathy. She earned
her Master’s of Education degree in the field of human development in the U.S.
and has rich experience in teaching, coaching and counseling.



I am the "Co-founder of geometry outsourcing", "Career planner" and "Design life coach". I have worked in the field of human resources for 15 years. I am an expert in human resources. During my entrepreneurial period, I provided human resources outsourcing service solutions, consulting and training for many top 100 enterprises and listed companies, and carried out career planning and employment assistance for the countless employment groups, especially helping college students to smoothly transform and quickly integrate into society and work. I will open another door for you when you are confused, when you don't know how to choose, when you are stagnant, when you are content with the status quo,... I will provide you with timely help or icing on the cake, so that you can have a more valuable, happy and fulfilling life. I look forward to becoming your sincere and interesting friend.

Sheng Yanzi


Designing your Life Certified Coach

William Luo


AACTP International Certificated Trainer,
AACTP International Certificated Flipped Classroom Coach,
Senior trainer of Management Training Program,
The regional speech tutor of the International Speech Association / 9 times the champion and runner-up of the Chinese and English competitions of the International Speech Association,
Japan Industrial Training Association MTP authorized certified trainer,
National Gold Medal Internal Trainer / "I am a Good Lecturer" Competition Area Instructor / "Internal Trainer Competition" Competition Area Judge,
AACTP National Micro-Lesson Competition Finals Judges,
AACTP International Certified Trainer (ICT) AACTP International Certified Flipping Instructor (FCC),
Previous position: Industry sales director of Zhongdi Digital Group.

Hu Bin


I am honored: I am the first certified coach from the public welfare industry among the first batch of Design Life® certified coaches in mainland China.
As a Design Life® certified coach from the public welfare industry (especially the field of educational public welfare), I will use this to better support true love and dream partners (colleagues + public welfare peers); support front-line educators (principals + teachers) in the vast country;help them live a life that is more meaningful, fulfilling, and happier for them.

Xue Hairong


Designing your Life Certified Coach



Designing your Life Certified Coach

Chu Damin


International working experience, expertise in Insight. Passionate in meaningful work, play hard & work hard, and love coffee.


China Beijing

Designing your Life Certified Coach



Designing your Life Certified Coach


Graduated from the Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University, 10 years+ background as an biotechnology engineer in top 500 company.

Really honored to be the first batch of Stanford Design Life® certified coaches in mainland China, International Coaching Federation (ICF) 1:1 coach and team coach,Project Management Professional(PMP), visual thinking expression and continuous writing practitioner, and lover of meditation, marathon and cross-country running, etc.

Liza LU

Hangzhou, China

Helping People to Help Themselves

Chen Xu

Beijing, China

I have many years of business management and operation experience. I work as business management consulting consultant. I have acquired lawyer qualification.

Martin Chen


Designing your Life Certified Coach

Ma Guoyi


Rosemary is a reputable trainer for the trade show and conference industry. She realized in her career
that people are the core assets of any businesses. When they understand better about their yearning and meaning, what energize them and what drain them, they can make far better choices leading to more fulfilled personal lives and greater contributions for what they work on. Being a DYL coach, She now supports people for this purpose.

Jenny Gong


I had worked in law, advertising, real estate, wine trade and other industries. I had lived overseas for many years and is full of curiosity about the world. After participating in the DT workshop in 2019, I fell in love with DT deeply. DT makes us re-examine product issues, corporate issues, and even our lives in a completely new way.