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The Designing Your Life Virtual Coach Certification Workshop is an online deep dive into the DYL principles, designed for professionals (life & career coaches, career counselors, human resources & mental health professionals) wishing to utilize the DYL tools with individuals and groups of 10 or less. Join us and you’ll gain access to a comprehensive library of coach-specific training videos and workshop preparation assignments. Upon completing your preparation, you’ll spend three realtime half days learning with Bill Burnett, Dave Evans, and your cohort of professional coaches passionate about using DYL in their practice.

2024 Workshops

Before applying, please be sure to read below for all the information on What to Expect, Pre-Requisites, Coach Benefits, Cost, etc.

Apply for June 7-9, 2024

Apply for September 20-22, 2024

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One of the best things that ever happened to me. . . was getting certified as a Design Your Life coach. . . Everything has evolved in my life.

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Gabriela Cevallos
Founder of The Life Experiment
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    • ACTIVE PRACTICE: You must have an active practice in one of the following professions:
      • Life or career coach, with certification from a recognized coaching institute, training program, or school *This certification requirement may be waived if clear evidence of substantial professional experience in providing coaching is credibly provided (eg: 10 years as a career counselor in a college career center, etc). Depending on the nature of the application, additional support information may be requested.
      • Career counselor at a non-profit or University, or with your own practice (if you’re university staff, please check out the Stanford Life Design Studio before applying to the DYL Coach Certification, as it may more closely fit your needs)
      • Mental health professional who wants to add some DYL tools to your existing toolkit
      • Human resources professional


    • READ BOTH DYL BOOKS: You need to have read


    • PRE-REQ DYL COURSE: Completed one of the following DYL workshops, prior to attending the Workshop (the cost of these Pre-Req Workshops/Courses are in addition to the cost of the main Coach Certification Workshop)
      • DYL CreativeLive on-line class (available anytime, can be completed online anytime between now and the start of your workshop)
      • DYL Virtual Journey (available periodically)
      • DYL Virtual Journey for Women (available periodically)
      • DYL Intensive In-person (not currently offered)


  • INDIVIDUAL & SMALL GROUP FOCUSSED: You intend to use DYL principles and/or materials in your practice with individuals or small groups (10 or less) of clients. *This is NOT a license to teach commercial Designing Your Life workshops or to deliver training events.
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  • We will meet on Zoom from 9:00am-1:00pm (four hours), California time each day, for the three days of the Workshop.
  • We spend time together in the main Zoom room, and significant time will be spent working in two’s, three’s, and six’s, in separate Zoom rooms.
  • Overall Estimated Time Commitment for this Workshop:


  • $1600 for the Workshop Fee
  • $500 for the first year Certification Fee (more info on the Certification Fee can be found in the FAQs)
  • $2,100 =  Coach Certification Workshop Total*

*Pre-requisite Course Cost: Please note that in addition to the cost of the main Coach Certification Workshop, there are associated costs for the pre-requisite Workshops/Courses (detailed in the “Pre-requisites” section)

Early Bird Discount

Early Bird Discount: $100 off the price
Early Bird Deadlines:

  • June 2024 Workshop = May 17th
  • Sept 2024 Workshop = Aug 30th

Payment Plans Available

Let us know on your application if you’d like to take advantage of a payment plan! Typically coaches using the plan will pay over 2-6 months, depending on their needs. There are no fees or interest charged for payment plans.

Group Size

This certification is designed to support the use of DYL principles in practice with individuals or small groups of less than 10. This is NOT a certification to lead commercial Designing Your Life workshops, delivery of training events or teach DYL in a classroom setting.

Refund Policy

  • Full refund if canceled more than 30 days from the date of the Workshop – minus transaction fees.
  • 70% refund if canceled within 10 days of the Workshop – minus transaction fees
  • 50% refund otherwise – minus transaction fees

Need more details?

For more detailed information on this Workshop, please check out our FAQs.

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