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Designing Your Life Corporate Workshops

Company leaders know it’s tough to work virtually every day, all day.  They recognize their employees are struggling with the blurred boundaries around work, family, love, play, health — with work overtaking all.  Stress and burnout are on the rise, and employees are hungry for the tools and mindsets that will help them design new ways to work and thrive.  And  the current environment disproportionately impacts women, with McKinsey’s latest Women in the Workplace Report stating that “One in four women are considering downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce due to Covid-19.”  New work life designs are needed for this new normal!

In 2020, we worked with companies who wanted to use the Life Design Framework and mindsets to tackle these “wicked problems”.  While we customize DYL to the needs in each organization, (empathy always) we have created and delivered three DYL mini workshops to address these needs:

1) Get Unstuck

2) Design Your Work Life for Balance and Energy

3) Design Your Future at Work

If you are interested in bringing DYL into your company or organization, please contact Susan Burnett at or Kathy Davies at