Designing Your Life Goes Live in Germany


We are thrilled to announce that +RASMUSSEN, a German consulting firm focused on the healthy growth of organizations and their people, is now a certified Designing Your Life (DYL) partner.  They bring to DYL a wealth of experience working with leaders, key teams and individuals to transform what it means to lead and do business in the digitized world. Through consulting, training and their innovation lab, they collaborate with customers to design better futures. They are design thinkers and doers!

Why DYL?

When we asked Dorle Feldmeier, a senior leader with +RASMUSSEN, why she chose Designing Your Life as a new solution, she said, “I am convinced our clients will benefit from using the design process, mindsets and tools to intentionally design new ways to flourish in work and life. This is especially true now as all our routines for work, school, health, and ways we engage with colleagues, family and friends have been disrupted.  DYL gives you the design thinking process and tools to address the challenges of this “new normal”.  Even better, we will equip people design capabilities they can use on the new challenges that will emerge in the unpredictable future.”


Niels Rasmussen, the CEO of +RASMUSSEN talks about the firm he founded and what makes them unique.  “We live what we preach – making a meaningful and measurable impact for our clients. Equally important, we will always listen, collaborate and innovate hand in hand.  By the end of our engagement, we will all feel part of a smarter team.” In our months working with Niels and his team, we can unequivocally say they live up to this promise.

What Do Clients Say?

  • +RASMUSSEN has already held DYL public workshops and some of their business clients.  Here’s what customers have to say about the experience:
  • The +Rasmussen team delivered a top-quality seminar in which each participant went home with a full notebook of reflections and, most importantly—action items for life design.”
  • An intense immersion in life design in a very collegial and open atmosphere. I had any number of “A-ha!” moments and went home with the tools to build on what we learned together. Thank you for an outstanding seminar!
  • “First of all, the trainers really delivered a great spirit. In addition to the odysseys, the ideation and prototyping phases have been really enlightening and inspiring. Highly recommend this training”

Register Now for a German DYL Experience

If you or a friend would like to participate in their upcoming digital DYL journey starting on April 16th and continuing through May 7th, 2021, click here to get the details.  The program will be delivered in German.  We couldn’t be more excited about our first formal launch in Germany, in German and with such committed and capable partners.

Meet the Team

Nicole is an entrepreneur at heart with consulting experience as well as a background in start ups; in retail, online business, distribution and brand management across Europe.  She has +10 year experience as a senior consultant and practice leader in the field of Talent Management and Leadership and has successfully managed two different Scandinavian start-up companies.Svenja We call Svenja a ‘master of reframing’. She loves sharing her enthusiasm about changing perspectives, creating more space for solutions, ideating, and then building your way forward with curiosity.  With more than ten years of professional experience in learning and development, change enablement and marketing consulting, Svenja is a quick thinker who loves to connect people to ideas for bigger impact.Dorle has worked both as employed consultant and independent trainer and coach. She is passionate about learning and development and has accompanied her clients individually and in groups in phases of personal and professional change, development and crisis.  As HR consultant and team lead for Engagement Consulting Dorle had client impact in high level strategic projects and tool responsibility for complex global projects in the area of HR strategy, talent management, engagement, leadership culture and employer branding.