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Designing Your Life Workshops Come to India!

“The DYL program has helped me feel upbeat again.  Thanks to all the tools and reflection sessions, and having generated so many ideas and possibilities, I have started to take actions and build around things that matter to me. I am excited as I visualize and plan my next adventure.” DYL Participant in Mumbai, India

Designing Your Life workshops come to India!  Why?  Because so many of you have told us that you need a new approach to solving the work and life challenges that are unprecedented in India today.  Companies and their employees live in a VUCA world — volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous; a world that demands new problem-solving approaches.

Designing Your Life provides an opportunity to learn work and life design skills, a hands-on approach to applying the creative, iterative, human-centered design process, to crafting work and a life that brings fulfillment, engagement and productivity.

Here are some of the questions that bring businesses and their people to a Designing Your Life (DYL) workshop:

“What’s the next chapter in my career?”

“How do I pivot from my current path into a new area?”

“How can I design my job for more balance and energy, especially now?”

“How can I increase my satisfaction in my current job?”

“How can I get unstuck?”

“How could I design ways to be a better leader?  Mentor?  Coach?

A hallmark of our programs is the creation of a collaborative community that supports each other to ideate and design new possibilities.

QGLUE has been a leader in the innovation and design thinking space for over 30 years.  Our hands-on design led innovation approach has helped business leaders and their employees find creative solutions to tough problems.  QGlue is committed to evolving their work to meet the ever-changing challenges of our world.

CEO Navyug Mohnot talks about why he wanted to be certified to bring DYL workshops in India. “Adding Designing Your Life” workshop solutions to our portfolio was clearly obvious and was prompted by our customers.  More and more we are seeing the need for businesses to help their people stay engaged, be productive, achieve the balance and energy they need as their life and work changes, and design possible career futures.  The methodology works to help people get unstuck from their current ways of thinking and design new possibilities for their work and life.”

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