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New 2021 Virtual Event Dates for Coaching Certification & DYL for Women Journey

Before the pandemic, we hosted all of our events and workshops in-person. And like you, we’ve had to adapt. One of the silver linings of this year is prototyping a virtual Coaching Certification and launching a new Designing Your Life for Women Virtual Journey! We’re thrilled to announce both will be back in early 2021. Here’s a bit more detail on each from this month’s newsletter:

Thanks to the success of our first DYL for Women Virtual Journey, we’re excited to announce our second opportunity to connect January 9th – February 6th 2021! Anyone who is interested in using design thinking to design well-lived, joyful lives should join. No prior experience is needed. You can participate in this program from anywhere around the world, so long as you are able to participate in live, scheduled Zoom sessions.

“Thank you very much for a great experience! It’s got me feeling very positive about the future, and also about my past experiences. All the reflection was terrific. I’ve connected with some women already in individual phone calls — everyone is so nice and generous! :)”

How does it work? You will participate in three highly interactive virtual workshops where we will work together real-time to reframe dysfunctional beliefs, explore the social and personal narratives that shape us, and dig into design tools to increase your creativity and confidence. We will use breakout discussions and online ideation tools to collaborate. We will heighten your mindful awareness of where you are now, use design tools for balance and energy and improvements, practice ways to frame problems and get unstuck, gain insights into honing your decision making, and design three possible future paths – Odyssey Plans – for your life.

2020 has caused many of you to seek a reframe on “the way things are done.” We are right there with you, as we’ve had to reframe what our DYL Coach Certification process looks. Fortunately, this reframe has led us to the successful creation of the first-ever DYL Virtual Coach Certification Workshops! Both the August and September workshops sold out and added 120 DYL Coaches to our team! We are excited to announce our next Virtual Coach Certification Workshop coming up on February 5, 6, & 7, 2021!