Adel Du Toit

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Adel is an Organisational Relationship Systems (ORSC) and Design Your Life coach, driven by an unwavering commitment to empower both individuals and teams to flourish. Her mission centres on nurturing creativity and empathy as catalysts for personal and collective growth, she co-creates and holds transformative spaces for dialogue that yield authentic and generative outcomes.

With her adeptness in systems coaching, Adel skilfully elevates communication, fortifies empathy and resilience, and cultivates creativity and connection. Her guidance equips teams with the invaluable tools to navigate the intricate terrain of change with grace.

In addition to her work with teams, Adel dedicates herself to one-on-one coaching, emboldening individuals to seize control of their lives and chart the course they envision. Whether it’s navigating the tumultuous waters of change, resolving conflicts, or ideating innovative solutions, she stands as an unwavering pillar of support in their personal and professional journeys.

Her career is a tapestry woven with diverse threads, spanning digital and organisational transformation, design, and ultimately, leadership and coaching. Drawing upon her rich experiences as a Leader in Management Consulting (BCG) and Technology (Cisco), she recognises the indispensable value of her work in our rapidly evolving world.

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Executive and Leadership Life Design Relationships

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Corporate Team Engagement (10 or less) Individual Small Group (10 or less)