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A seasoned newspaper manager and editor turned entrepreneur, Diana is the driving force behind Oehrli Coaching & Communications LLC also known as The Gruben Hub. Specializing in relationships and self-discipline, she pens a thought-provoking weekly blog, “As Diana Sees It: Where Passion Meets Pragmatism,” and leads the impactful “Restoring Real Relationships” group coaching program, designed for individuals engaged in 12-step recovery.

Diana’s pursuit of wisdom has led her to interview a wide range of exceptional individuals—from world-renowned health professionals to martial artists, athletes, artists, and philanthropists. These transformative interactions birthed her interview series, “Compelling Conversations.”

A multifaceted individual, Diana wears many hats: she’s a pilot, musician, karateka, and an award-winning columnist and writer. Having spent the last decade crafting a memoir focused on survival and healing, she brings an eclectic and global perspective to her work. Raised by a Chinese caregiver and with family in Newport, Rhode Island, and Gstaad, Switzerland, her worldview is a harmonious blend of European, American, and Asian influences.

Passionate about empowering others, Diana is committed to helping people achieve their fullest potential by aligning with their core values and standards. Through actionable steps and daily habits, she helps others elevate their lives. A staunch advocate for mental health and mindfulness, Diana’s work is as much a celebration of life’s simplicities as it is a testament to the human capacity for growth. Her daily mantra revolves around connection, active listening, and community engagement.

Diana is an Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She also holds advanced coaching degrees and certifications from institutions like CoachU, Tiny Habits, Designing Your Life, and the International Recovery Institute.

Specialties: writing, wellness advocacy, coaching, nonprofit work

Proficient in English, French, and German, Diana offers a global perspective that transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries.

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