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I help creative professionals negotiating a turning point in their career and life to design their next life their way. They crave something else, but don’t quite know how to go about finding it, or what their options are. All your life you’ve faced and met the expectations of others. Finally, space opens up, external pressures lessen, and you glimpse the opportunity to live for yourself. But what does that mean for you today? I’ve learned that your purpose and priorities take different forms as you evolve. Fulfilment at 25 is not the same as fulfilment at 35 or 55. I believe that to live a creative life, you just need to listen to that small voice inside you saying “there must be something else” and take action. The search for that “something else” has motivated me to become a certified DESIGNING YOUR LIFE coach and life transition coach. Work with me and you’ll come away with a renewed self -belief, a broader sense of your possibilities at this point, and clarity as to what you really want next in life and how to make it work, so you can feel fulfilled and sure of your purpose at last.

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