Vinh Ngo Doan

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I grew up in a small town in northern Vietnam where the prevailing belief was that the path to a better life was through a university education. However, after graduating, I realized that universities do not provide us with the tools to create a fulfilling life; we must do something else. In my pursuit of transitioning into Data Analytics, I dedicated two years to self-study. I discovered that design thinking plays a vital role in data analytics, enabling us to tackle complex problems and craft outstanding solutions. Just as we design innovative products, we should also design our own lives to enhance them. Today, I proudly serve as the founder of UniGap, an organization with a mission to close the gap between university and the workplace. We offer personalized coaching programs to equip students with the right mindset and skills to secure a successful career in the tech industry. My goal is to empower individuals to achieve sustainable growth by applying a design-oriented approach to their lives. In my coaching practice, I prioritize empathy, authenticity, a growth mindset, the courage to take action, and creative problem-solving as key elements in helping people achieve their goals.

Coaching Types

Career Development Health and Wellness Students

Language Spoken

English Vietnamese

Group Sizes Available

Small Group (10 or less)