Designing Your Life In-Person Experience

Sat 26 October 2024

In Person

Spend time working on the most important design project of all – your life.

This hands-on workshop helps you learn and use the life design thinking process in a community of men and women who will collaborate with you to build lives that thrive.

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You will engage in a highly interactive in person workshop where we will work together to:


  • Explore the social and personal narratives that shape us.
  • Work together to identify and reframe dysfunctional beliefs.
  • Heighten a mindful awareness of where you are now.
  • Use design tools for balance and energy and improvements.
  • Frame and reframe problems or areas where you’ve been stuck and engage in radical collaboration and ideation for new solutions.
  • Use breakout discussions to share and collaborate.
  • Design three possible future paths – Odyssey Plans – for your life.
  • Hone your decision-making process, tuning into the wisdom of multiple ways of knowing.
  • Plan prototype conversations to enlist the support you need for your life design.
  • Use design tools to action plan for real change.



What are the details of the DYL Journey?


Session 1: Design Your Compass
Kick off your DYL experience. Meet the instructors and your community, share your goals, and be introduced to design thinking and the life design framework. Explore the narratives that drive your life design, and identify and discuss what matters to you most in your work.

Session 2: Get Unstuck
Discuss your definition of a well-lived life and consider how you connect the dots between what you do, what you believe, and who you are. Reframe then assess your sense of balance, and consider design strategies to enhance balance and energy in your daily life. Then explore factors that enhance or detract from your satisfaction with various work and life roles.

Session 3: Design Your Future
Rejoin the community to consider how designers frame problems, and engage in a popular exercise to reframe problems and get new insights and ideas from classmates. Then engage in Odyssey Planning — an innovative way to envision three alternate life paths. Your classmates will help to reflect back where you have the most energy and common themes as you describe your ideas.

Session 4: Get Support for the Journey
Learn the art of prototyping and use collaborative idea boards to surface ideas to get started – in practical, accessible ways. Reflect on and discuss what supports you in making decisions. Discover the science of change and draft a designer’s action plan to set yourself up for success in pursuing the changes you seek.