Designing Your Life for Women Retreat in Matera Italy

Fri 27 September 2024

Matera, Italy

Engage in collaboration with a global community of inspiring women to explore how to align your career and personal life with your deepest values and aspirations. You will use the design thinking process, tools and mindsets to assess where we are today and then design and build prototypes for future possibilities. Discover Matera’s unique beauty and history as part of this experience, with special activities that connect you to the local traditions and innovation. Note: This will be taught in English by Susan Burnett, CEO DYL Consulting, along with Francesca Parviero, CEO of Linkbeat, who will also offer her Italian translation if needed.


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You will engage in a highly interactive virtual or in person workshop where we will work together to:


  • Apply design thinking and design mindsets to life design, increasing your creativity and confident use of design tools.
  • Explore the social, gender and personal narratives that shape us. 
  • Reframe dysfunctional beliefs, especially those unique to women.
  • Define the meaning of work and life and how they can be coherent to form your compass.
  • Design the balance and energy you need to fuel your life. 
  • Frame and reframe problems you’ve been stuck on and ideate in “radical collaboration for new solutions. 
  • Envision three potential future lives and learn how to prototype the parts of these lives that are most compelling to you
  • Tune into the wisdom from multiple ways of knowing and hone your decision-making process.
  • Create a Designer’s Action plan for real change.
  • Connect with other women who could help you make progress on your action plan. 



What are the details of the DYL Journey?


Session 1: Design Your Compass
Kick off your DYL experience. Meet the instructors and your community, share your goals, and commit to the norms for a design community. Learn about design thinking and the life design framework and start the conversation on the meaning of work, your life and the social narratives that drive you.

Session 2: Get Unstuck
Reframe and assess your balance, map your energy, and design small prototypes that will improve both. Practice framing and reframing problems to get unstuck and use Idea Boards to get new perspectives and solutions.

Session 3: Design Your Future
Share your assessments, versions of the future, and insights gained in the previous weeks. Use generative listening and idea boards to design tangible ways to move forward and realize your future dreams. Leave with an action plan and accountability.

Session 4: Get Support for the Journey
Discover the science of change to set yourself up for success when you are making small or large life changes. Design your life design  community for support. Celebrate progress, share obstacles and get insight into how others have handled similar challenges. This session is an optional BONUS!


Meet the instructors




Susan Burnett, Former Talent Executive and CO-CEO DYL Consulting

Francesca Parviero, LinkBeat