Designing Your Life course at Stanford


by admin

The course uses design thinking to address the “wicked problem” of designing your life and career. This class offers a framework, tools, and most importantly a place and a community of peers and mentors where we’ll work on these issues through assigned readings, reflections, and in-class exercises. The course employs a design thinking approach to help students from any major develop a constructive and effective approach to finding and designing their vocation after Stanford.

The course incorporates an introduction to design thinking, which we then apply via a framework that organizes the content elements of the course. The framework addresses the integration of work and worldview, the realities of engaging the workplace, and practices that support vocation formation throughout your life. The course deals with issues ranging from how to find and experience meaning-making in work to how to network and get an interview. The course will include seminar-style discussions, role-playing, short writing assignments, guest speakers, and individual mentoring and coaching. Small group dialogue will be held in regular section groups which will form during the first week and will meet during class time. The capstone assignment is the creation of an “Odyssey Years Plan” focusing on taking action in the 3-5 years following your Stanford graduation.

Class is open to juniors and seniors of any major. Enrollment is limited and if over-subscribed, admission will be announced by email prior to the first class session. Admission will be based primarily on registration and formation of a course community.