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Designing Your Life for Women : Fall workshop!

The success of the Designing Your Life for Women workshops this spring and summer has inspired us to offer an additional workshop – Sept 30 – Oct 1, 2017 in beautiful Pacific Grove, CA. Read on for more info and how to register.

We have been blown away by the response to our Designing Your Life for Women series. The workshops in June and July were filled with amazing women from around the world, of all ages and walks of life. Using design thinking tools, design mindsets and radical collaboration, participants supported one another and ideated to help each other get unstuck. Odyssey plans were built and shared, mindfulness was practiced, and rich conversations and laughter filled the room.

During the follow up calls after the April and June workshops, we have heard about women putting their odyssey plans into action – prototyping new careers, artistic pursuits, creating new ways to find meaningful relationships, and so much more. One woman is even trying out living on a houseboat! Alumnae are reframing problems, sharing the workshop ideation techniques with friends, and family and forming partnerships to check in with one another and keep the momentum going after the workshop.

Our goal in holding these workshops is to help women design more fulfilling and coherent lives. We want to jump start the design process for participants, help get people unstuck and create a bias to action. And it’s happening as women embrace prototyping and engage in life wayfinding!

All this goodness has got us on a roll, and we are inspired to continue workshops into the fall.

Register for Sept 30-Oct 1 here!

What do women say about their workshop experience?

“’I’ve been to a lot of retreats and training.  This was the best, most energizing one ever.”

 “I gained knowledge about myself that I never could have gained without the guidance of Kathy and Susan and with the help of 47 other women in our group.  The group exercises were most helpful, because I got ideas from so many women with other walks of life.”

“Thank you for creating an inspiring and impactful experience!”

Here’s a sample agenda to give you a feel for what these workshop weekends include:

Time Day 1
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Workshop Begins with Connection Before Content: Introductions & Expectations
  Workshop Introduction: Goals, Life Design Framework©
  How Did We Get Here Anyway? Life as Music Video & Table Group Discussion
  The Meaning of Work
  What Does it Take to Flourish?
  Mindful Moment with Andrea
  Balance: Individual Assessment, Reflection & Action
  Energy: Individual Assessment, Reflection, Discussions & Action
12:30pm Group Lunch
  Defining a Problem Worth Working On: Gravity & Solvable Problem Distinctions
  Blockbusting: Group Ideation
  Lifeview Sharing and Workview Integration: The Coherent Life
  Odyssey Planning: Your Three Potential Futures
  Mindful Moment with Andrea
  Odyssey Plan Sharing: Triads Share & Discuss Each Person’s Odyssey Plans
  Day 1 Close: Learnings and Unlearnings


Time Day 2
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Workshop Begins with Reprise of Odyssey Plans
  Mindful Moment with Andrea
  Decision Making: Model, Research & Whole Group Discussion
  Two Kinds of Prototypes: Life Design Interviews & Experiences
  Brainstorm Ways to Prototype Your Plans: Individual Work & New Triads
  Bias to Action: Creating Your Action Plan
  Networking Reframe: Networking to get Your Prototype Interview or Experience
  Closing Ceremony: Supporting Your Intentions
12:30 Lunch

We hope to see you at a workshop in the future!

Register for Sept 30-Oct 1 here!