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Give Importance to What Matters: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Tessa Preito-Valdes shared her delightful Designing Your Life experience in the Philippine Daily Inquirer this week. It’s inspiring to hear how designing her new life is a part of her healing journey. “In my journey of healing, I have become some kind of a self-improvement bookworm because I am constantly looking for informative material that could accelerate my personal growth and aid me in inching closer to where I want to go.”

Finding joy in trying new things showed Tessa another important lesson: winning doesn’t always mean coming in first. “The joy of learning and acquiring new skills could enhance our lives. Enjoying an extended vacation here in California, I learned a new skill—choosing a winning horse at Del Mar Fairgrounds. Clearly a beginner, I actually didn’t win a race and chose all the wrong horses to bet on. Joining the excitement during the opening, my Assumption classmate Emilie Petrocelli and I paraded our extravagant hats that could have won in the hat contest.”

Thanks for sharing, Tessa! Read her full story here.