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Mary Charles Blakebrough – Creating a Book Reference Guide for Her Daughter – and the World!

Mary Charles read Designing Your Life, and began doing the exercises on her own in service of designing the next phase of her life and career.  She found mindmapping particularly helpful and in fact breaks out the pirate cocktail napkin example every time she tells someone about how much that concept means to her.  She also decided that she would like to do more of the work in community and signed up for the October NYC Designing Your Life for Women workshop.  It was there that the DYL for Women team had the good fortune of meeting Mary Charles. During the weekend, she told Kathy and Susan that she has been sharing the concepts from the book with her daughter, who is in the midst of a job transition, and looking for new opportunities. She showed us an index of concepts from the book, complete with page numbers for quick reference and her thoughts on the exercises.  Right away it struck us as a useful reference guide, not just for her daughter, bu also for other readers of the book.
At the end of DYL for Women, we ask the women present to speak out one intention they have leaving the workshop.  We were delighted when Mary Charles voiced her goal to share her Index, titled, “Where in Designing Your Life Is it?” more broadly.  She vowed to create the structure by Halloween, and to add to it over time.  Part one is done!  The structure is in place.  You can see the guide here  and Mary Charles will be adding to this document over the next weeks and months.  Please take a look!