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Prototyping Our Virtual Coaching Certification Reframed Our 2020 (and 2021!)

2020 caused many of us to seek a reframe on “the way things are done.” The team at Designing Your Life was no exception to this reality.  When all of our 2020 in-person Coach Certification Workshops had to be cancelled, we got to work on reframing what the Certification process could look like. Our in-person training is highly interactive, and we honestly felt skeptical about the possibility of creating a virtual experience that could live up to our expectations.

We framed the first Virtual Workshop last August as a prototype… and it didn’t take long for us to realize the many benefits to this format. The connections made amongst coaches from all over the world was almost instantaneous, thanks to the chat feature on Zoom. After day one, a special LinkedIn group for this set of coaches naturally came together. And because the lecture portions of the training were now on video and viewed prior to the Workshop, the “live” group interaction and breakout sessions were longer and more engaging. We finished up that first Virtual Workshop in awe of the camaraderie that had grown amongst our new Coaches in just 3 short days. What a relief to be proved wrong in our assumptions, and to see 120 coaches now equipped to offer the DYL tools to a world that desperately needs them!

Speaking of the world, our coaches are from all over! One of the best parts about hosting Virtual Certifications as the inclusion of our diverse community. As a result, we had our first coaches based in the following countries: India, Turks and Caicos Islands/Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Qtar, Jordan, with 17 countries represented in August workshop, and 11 different countries represented in our September workshop.

Our first 2021 DYL Coach Certification Workshop is just around the corner on February 5, 6, & 7, and there’s still a few more spots! We hope to see you there.