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Stanford Center on Longevity: Design Your Life Podcast

Designing Your Life author and Stanford Professor Bill Burnett joined the Stanford Center on Longevity for an episode of Century Lives, a podcast exploring what our careers look like now that they’re 60 years long (and potentially 25 different jobs!) Season two is summarized below, and the Design Your Life episode is not to be missed.

Longer Lives Mean Longer Careers. How Do We Get Ready Now?
In this season we dive into the subject of work, and explore the nexus of longer life, the necessity of longer careers, and how to make those careers more meaningful and productive.

Host Ken Stern returns to follow the arc of the new work life span: college students figuring out their professional futures, the boom in gig workers, how people without college degrees can find meaningful careers, and the new importance of older workers and Boomers sampling the new “unretirement.” The series also examines how the 25-job career is becoming the new normal, and why Americans have such a complicated relationship with work.