Reframing Retirement for Women

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Taught by Susan Burnett, CEO of Designing Your Life Consulting and longtime business executive, and Joan Cheverie, Co-founder and Partner, Fieldbrook Advising, executive coach and DYL instructor, this innovative digital solution gives you the opportunity to learn and practice ideas and tools contained in the NYT bestselling Designing Your Life, How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life. You will do this in a community of women who have come together to collaborate on the design of their next chapter in life and potential “retirement”.

Reframing Retirement for Women: Designing Future Possibilities

August 9th – August 17, 2024

What will we do together?

  • Explore our social narrative, especially around retirement, and identify the forces that have shaped our lives.
  • Discover and reframe our own dysfunctional beliefs, especially about retirement.
  • Dig into why we work(ed) and the purpose of our lives, identifying our drivers and motivators for the future.
  • Learn the latest research on flourishing and healthy aging and apply it to what you need today and in the future.
  • Assess your flourishing and energy levels and design improvements using the design thinking process and tools.
  • Frame and reframe areas where you have been stuck and engage in radical collaboration and ideation for new solutions.
  • Design three possible future paths – Odyssey Journeys – for your life.
  • Learn how to prototype (or do small experiments to learn more) the parts of these lives that are most compelling to you.
  • Hone your decision-making process, tuning into the wisdom of multiple ways of knowing.
  • Create the life design community you need to support you on your life’s journey.
  • Use design tools to action plan for real change.

What will you get?

  • Four (4) highly interactive Zoom sessions where you will learn and practice using the design thinking process, mindsets and tools.
  • A life design community ready to listen generatively, offer ideas, collaboration and support (details below).
  • Digital workbook of information and design tools unique to this program only.

What do you need to fully participate?

The virtual journey requires the use of technology, so before you sign up for the experience, be sure you have:

  1. A laptop or desktop computer that will allow you to connect to Zoom with a microphone, camera, speaker, trackpad or mouse and keyboard. Note that we will also use Google sheets, which does not always work well on phone or ipad, so a laptop is necessary.
  2. An internet connection of sufficient speed and stability to allow you to join a Zoom meeting with your video on.

Meet the instructors

Susan Burnett, Former Talent Executive and CO-CEO DYL Consulting


Joan Cheverie, Co-founder and Partner, Fieldbrook Advising

What are the details of this session?

Session Details:

  • August 9, 2024 11:00am -2:30pm PT Live Session 1: Design Your Compass:
    Meet the instructors and your community, share your goals, and commit to the norms for an effective life design community. Learn design thinking and the life design process. Explore the social and retirement narratives that have shaped our life’s choices, identify our own dysfunctional beliefs, and reframe them with help from the community. Explore why we work(ed) and the purpose of our lives and build a life compass to navigate the future.
  • August 10, 2024 11:00am -2:30pm PT Live Session 2: Assess Flourishing Needs
    Learn the latest research on flourishing and healthy aging and identify what it takes for YOU to flourish. Assess how well you flourish today, build an energy map to identify your energizers and drainers, and identify any areas where you feel stuck, frame and reframe your “stuck problems” and get ideas for new solutions from multiple ideation sessions.
  • August 16, 2024 11:00am -2:30pm PT Live Session 3: Design Possible Futures Rejoin the community to share your ideas on flourishing and insights gained in the previous week. Design three, uniquely different life journeys to explore possible future paths. Learn the power of prototyping and to help you explore parts of these lives that are most compelling to you. Design a prototype, in collaborative ideation, that you are willing to try the following week.
  • August 17, 2024 11:00am -2:30pm PT Live Session 4: Design Your Support

Learn the research on decision making and assess your own process for making life choices. Identify a discernment (multiple ways of knowing) or decision area you want to strengthen and get ideas on how to do that from the community and your instructors. Build a designer’s action plan for real change and design the community you would like to have in your life to support you on your life’s journey. Leave committed to the next steps which will help you make progress.

What’s the cost?

Regular Price Tickets: $1,500/$375 per session

Early Bird Tickets: $1,200/ $300 per session (on sale for the first 15 participants who register)

Capacity: We are capping this group size to 36 participants.

What do women say about their DYL experience?

“I took Designing Your Life to envision a future that no longer included my executive job. The tools and collaboration with other women, and especially the Oddyseys, really helped me design a new future called retirement. I also loved prototyping as a way to try things out in small ways before I made big choices. Thank you!”

“I’ve been wanting to take Designing Your Life with a group of women who are contemplating retirement, so I’m excited about joining this class. I’m looking for a new way to approach this big life step.”

“I’m still meeting with the women from my DYL program who wanted to form a group committed to supporting each other through our retirement journey. It’s great to have each other as we keep designing, figuring out what works and doesn’t work for us, and learning as we go.”

“The DYL approach and the tools it provides to build a way forward are really empowering. The course and community it created were energizing and fun and made me feel very optimistic about my ability to design my own future, drawing on designer mindsets like prototyping and radical collaboration.”

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