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Community Post from Switzerland: “Designing Your Life – A Great Book for Lockdown Times.”

The Designing Your Life team is always delighted when our community shares their story with us or the world. We keep a keen eye out on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook in particular. This post by Timothée Toste in Switzerland might be the inspiration you need during self-isolation. An excerpt:

“Right now is a great time for gaining some perspective and reframing what we want our lives to feel like. And this book, DESIGNING YOUR LIFE by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans is a great resource for this. I’ve had this book for more than 3 years and never opened it until a few weeks ago. I made it a habit of reading a chapter a day on my balcony after lunch, enjoying the sun and usually with my kids around; the youngest going after my highlighters, bookmark and coffee mug.

You know, I love design thinking. It’s a mindset, a set of tools and techniques to foster innovation and creativity and to solve problems. Until now, I thought it was great for product and services, but didn’t really grasp how to apply it to life. This book has the answer. It applies design thinking to reinventing and redirecting one’s life, exploring new opportunities, consider new path, getting unstuck and having fun along the way.” Keep Reading…