Life Design Community

A Message From Bill and Dave Regarding the Invasion of Ukraine

We don’t presume for a moment to fully grasp what it’s like for those experiencing this conflict.  Nor do we imagine that a worksheet or a clever reframe are responses to rockets and imperialism.

The most important word in all of our work is life.  We are outraged and heartbroken at this injustice along with all freedom-loving and sovereignty respecting people everywhere.  Our mission is to support people experiencing more thriving, more life – for all of us.  We do believe that the human family is ultimately one family so we all are affected when any of us are oppressed.

We on the DYL team long for all people whose thriving is being opposed to be lifted up, regardless of what they’re being held down for – race or color, sexual identity, ethnicity, poverty, religion or ideology, or geopolitics.  While such injustice is always with us and we can’t always stop to make mention, there are times when wrong flares so brightly that we must stop.  Now is one of those times.  We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and urge us all to direct our attention, intention and – as opportunity allows – our action toward their support.


Bill & Dave for all the DYL Group