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Forbes: How to Find Your Work’s Purpose Through Storytelling

Designing Your New Work Life authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans had the chance to join Forbes to discuss the power of storytelling at work. And as usual, they brought the real talk about passion. As the article notes, “For many, finding your purpose, or even your passion, is difficult and muddy. Evans says that when asked what their passion is, “Eighty percent of answer the passion question with ‘I don’t know yet, I haven’t found one.’ Or, ‘I’ve got a bunch, which one do you want to hear about first?’”

Purpose is a journey instead of a destination. If you think of your work and your life as ongoing stories, they will always be fresh with new discoveries, and you can pivot in the face of setbacks and changes (see point #2). In the meantime, you can “live purposefully,” advises Evans. Read the full piece here.