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Forbes: Want A New Job? Why You’re Doing It Wrong — And How To Do It Right

Writer Laura Shin candidly points out everything we’re doing wrong in our job hunt, and includes great tips from Designing Your Life on how to do it right. Below is an excerpt from her great article in Forbes.

“If you’re looking for a job, untold sites will display listing after listing, supposedly presenting possible candidates for your Dream Job.

You might write cover letters and resumes for some, or even a hundred, but you will often not hear anything back. According to CareerBuilder, 52% of employers admit that they respond to less than half of applicants.

“If you’re just going on the internet , you’re chances of being successful are very low,” says Bill Burnett, executive director of the Stanford Design School.

And searching for a job this way can burn you out, he adds: “Every time you send a resume and don’t get an acknowledgement, it feels like a rejection. You think someone looked at your resume and turned it down. That’s not true. Your resume got scanned, it went into a big database and your key words didn’t pop when they did a search.”

People start with job listings because “they’re being ‘realistic,’ but it’s a faux realism,” says Stanford Design School lecturer Dave Evans.” Continue reading…