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How to Design Your Own Midlife Career Change: The Globe and Mail

A few weeks ago, Designing Your Life authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans visited our friendly neighbors to the North. Journalist Dave McGinn took the time to learn more about Life Design. Here’s an excerpt from his takeaways:

“By middle age, you’ve been punching a clock long enough to know what work you love – and what jobs you’d do anything to avoid. Maybe one has morphed into the other, and the work you once enjoyed just doesn’t do it for you any more.

That’s not the bind it used to be: While earlier generations may have held only a few jobs over their lives, a Workopolis report from 2014 found that Canadians can expect to hold 15 jobs in their lifetimes. Change is the new normal.”

Learn more about Bill Burnett and Dave Evan’s “argument that the path to happiness isn’t the old hippie adage to “follow your bliss,” but instead to “think like a designer” – learning to see problems from new angles, then testing out solutions collaboratively,” in The Globe and Mail full article.