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How to Pursue Your Dreams While Making a Living: The Chopra Center

Writer Tamara Lechner provides 5 tips for evolving in your career for the Chopra Center. Designing Your Life is encouraged as a first step (!!) as a tool for gaining clarity. Here’s the intro to her piece, and you can read the full bit here.

“Nothing defines the new millennium more than the change in how people view work. Gone, for many, are the days when working to pay the bills was enough. The word job, which was once applauded, is now looked at somewhat disdainfully by those with a career or a calling. A new consciousness has emerged, and with it, a need to live a meaningful life that compels people to follow their dreams.

This new way of thinking is often looked upon as both unrealistic and idealistic by those who don’t understand, but for dreamers, it’s how they create the life they want to live. If you fall into this category, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to figure out how you can have it all – financial security and the life of your dreams. With a plan, patience and perspective, you can live a life of purpose and meaning. Here are five ways to get you there.” Continue reading…