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Stories of Lives Well Designed: Illanith Benjamin

Our next story of a life well designed comes to us from Medellin, Colombia. Social Science teacher and guidance counselor, Illanith Benjamin is also a Holistic Wellness Coach for mothers and their teen daughters. She helps to build healthy mindset and resiliency with yoga and mindfulness.

Where were you when you found Designing Your Life? 

“Designing your life was literally one of the first books I picked up when I decided to make a lifestyle and career change. It set the tone and created the momentum of how I moved forward in my life. It organized all of my dreams into thoughts and then into actions. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon it!” 

What was your Life Design process like?

“After many years working as a social science teacher and guidance counsellor  I decided there was a bigger impact I wanted to make. I was able to identify my strengths in my personality and in my work and harness it all into creating  a different type of work that was symbiotic with who I was and wanted to become. I can confidently say I am closer to my dream everyday and have been making the best out of circumstances and certainly needed a blueprint for success. Designing Your Life was the starting guide. It asked me all the right questions and motivated me to dig deeper.

“Admittedly, I can’t say I  just hopped and skipped from counsellor/social science teacher into Holistic Wellness Coach, it is a journey. Rather Wellness was always integrated into my personal life and interests. My heart was always curious about it and so whenever there was and opportunity to explore it more I jumped. For instance, Yoga teacher training in the Himalayas of India or Mindfulness in Thailand. When I travelled around the world it was not just for travel but rather to immerse myself in the possibility of connecting with a community, learning their modalities for wellness along with sharing my own. I have taught in places like Nepal, and India, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica and many many other places etc. But more importantly learned from these countries and its people. When I went back to my work as teacher/ counsellor, I always weaved it into my teaching and extracurriculars and there was always a curiosity for more from others. I honestly only had a “feeling” at the possibility that I could build the life that I wanted…but DYL was the first place I was able to see the concrete action come to life after reflecting and being active with those important questions.  Now, I run a business that is inspired by my personality, interests and love for others.”  

How do you continue to design your life today? 

“Goal setting is the only way I start my day. Asking myself the big questions in the book. Integrating work with family, if my work decisions are not compatible with the family life I have imagined then I don’t go there. You can have both!”

We love it! You can learn more about Illanith’s work here.

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