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A Path Toward Clarity: My Journey with Designing Your Life

26 April 2024

Life has a way of presenting us with unexpected twists and turns,
challenging us to redefi…

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5 ways to Build Connection in the Hybrid Work Environment

10 April 2024

Our team just talked about holding an in-person Life Design Studio in June 2024, and thoug…

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Let’s Design a New Narrative for Women

27 March 2024

The Right Women Always Show Up
I’ve just finished another DYL for Women Workshop with a…

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Are you stuck?

11 July 2023

I’ve just finished delivering the second of three workshops in our Designing Your Life f…

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Helen J. Doyle – Design Your (Retirement?) Life

11 June 2023

Five years ago, I participated in a Designing Your Life for Women workshop taught by Kathy…

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Graduation Advice from the DYL Community for the Class of ’23

5 May 2023

In our last DYL newsletter, we asked you to share your advice to the 2022 graduating class…

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Designing Your Life & Finding Your Talent: Prof G Interview with Bill Burnett

6 April 2023

Talk about two stellar minds merging for a podcast, Designing Your Life author Bill Burnet…

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Can you get a C?

18 March 2023

When we teach “Designing Balance and Energy” for this wicked problem called li…

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Designing Your Life Workshops Come to India!

4 March 2023

“The DYL program has helped me feel upbeat again.  Thanks to all the tools and reflecti…

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Reframe Your Intensity as a Magnet

12 January 2023

This was supposed to be a post about reframing. I love reframing. It’s a core part of De…

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Most Impactful Thing You Can Do for Your Career Today? Life Design Interviews

12 January 2023

Designing Your Life community member Bri Leever shared a wonderful success story on Linked…

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What Happens When We Stop? The Power of Designing Your Life to Say “No”

24 October 2022

It would take 641 miles in a rented gunmetal Toyota corolla, 57 miles on foot, and 127,170…

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Vox: How to Reframe (and Solve) a Tricky Life Problem

14 October 2022

Some aspects of life are impossible to change, and some we *perceive* as impossible to cha…

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New York Times: 6 Ways to Level Up Your Daily Walk

29 June 2022

The Designing Your Life team has regularly checked in with one another over since the move…

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Write Down What Makes You Laugh: Authorship and ALS, Rob Brownell’s Story

23 June 2022

This inspirational story of a life well designed comes to us from Rob, an author and commu…

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Find Happiness and New Freedom at Work: The Yoga Hour

22 June 2022

Designing Your Life author Bill Burnett had the opportunity to join The Yoga Hour podcast …

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