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Fast Company Feature: Communication + Designing Your New Work Life

25 October 2021

Designing Your New Work Life officially comes out tomorrow, October 26th. We’re exci…

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Designing Your New Work Life Infographic Preview

17 October 2021

Designing Your New Work Life is almost here! It’s the newest addition to the Designi…

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Gretchen D. – Finding My Way

18 September 2021

“When retirement isn’t retiring to a rocking chair, what do you do?”


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Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper “Designing Your Life: Where to Start”

16 September 2021

The Designing Your Life movement has connected the team to an incredible group of uniquely…

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Maxi Fleischmann: And Suddenly There is Clarity

12 September 2021

“The DYL digital journey is a perfect composition of 3 bi-weekly live sessions, a well-t…

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16 Best Career Books to Read in 2021:

31 August 2021

The Designing Your Life team is delighted to announce Designing Your Work Life has been na…

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Megan Takagi: How I Learned to Reframe

30 August 2021

“If reading the DYL books was eye-opening, taking the Digital Journey was like stepping …

Design Thinking Can Prevent Your Great Resignation

11 August 2021

As vaccination rates rose, many employers thought that the dust would settle, and we would…

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Ana Leonardos: Reframing Failure – Fail Fast and Fail Forward

30 July 2021

Ana Cristina Leonardos is a sociologist, author and co-founder of Festina Lente Platform.…

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Give Importance to What Matters: Philippine Daily Inquirer

29 July 2021

Tessa Preito-Valdes shared her delightful Designing Your Life experience in the Philippine…

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Gina Mahony: Reframe & Rewrite YOUR Story with DYL

22 June 2021

I first learned about Designing Your Life while attending a non-profit leadership training…

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Felicity Fallon – Life Coaching: Is it for you? Let this review (from a coaching skeptic) help you decide

11 June 2021

What kind of results can you realistically expect from ten hours of group coaching on Zoom…

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In Class Career Discernment

13 May 2021

Alison Clark Efford just piloted a new graduate class prototype and was kind enough to sha…

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Alexandra Regan: The Power of a Life Design Community

11 May 2021

Alexandra Regan was part of our second virtual workshop community and shares her experienc…

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Five Steps to Ideating Your Way Forward

14 April 2021

Ideation is the process of generating as many ideas as possible to come up with potential…

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The S.C.I.E.N.C.E. of Change

29 March 2021

Many people pick up a copy of Designing Your Life looking to make a significant change in …