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Our Digital Journey Transforms the DYL Experience

16 March 2021

Chaos or Creativity?
I see this sign on my wall every day, and never has it been more real…

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TED: How to be a Better Human Series

5 March 2021

Author Bill Burnett was recently invited to contribute to a new TED series and the post is…

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Designing Your Life Can Help You with Today’s Pressing Challenges

2 March 2021

“Taking this workshop with you changed my life. When I write my autobiography, I’m goi…

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Designing Your Life Corporate Workshops

16 January 2021

Company leaders know it’s tough to work virtually every day, all day.  They recognize t…

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Discover Muscatine: DYL Community Post

9 January 2021

It’s no secret that we love discovering new DYL communities around the world, so fin…

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10 Must Read Books to Pursue Your Passion in 2021: Vogue Australia

8 January 2021

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? Summer in the South Pa…

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CNBC: Nine Books to Add to Your 2021 Reading List

7 January 2021

We’ve survived our first year of pandemic chaos, and we’re proud of everyone f…

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Prototyping Our Virtual Coaching Certification Reframed Our 2020 (and 2021!)

6 January 2021

2020 caused many of us to seek a reframe on “the way things are done.” The tea…

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Life Designer Perm Lam Shares DYL Toolkit with Visually Impaired Students in Thailand

2 December 2020

This global community of Life Designers continue to inspire us with your stories and your …

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WSJ Feature – How to Change Careers

30 November 2020

If we’re being honest, we’re guilty of putting pressure on our careers even th…

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Life Design Gratitude Menu for Thanksgiving 2020

23 November 2020

The Designing Your Life team looks for opportunities to make you smile whenever we can, so…

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Designing Your Work Life Made Newsweek’s Gift Guide

23 November 2020

Being featured in any gift guide is a treat for the team, and especially when it’s o…

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New 2021 Virtual Event Dates for Coaching Certification & DYL for Women Journey

23 November 2020

Before the pandemic, we hosted all of our events and workshops in-person. And like you, we…

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Squiggly Careers Podcast w/ Bill & Dave

22 October 2020

Bill and Dave had the opportunity to join an episode of the very aptly named Squiggly Care…

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Speakers for Schools: Virtual Talk with Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

21 October 2020

The shift to virtual hasn’t stopped authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans from sharing…

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Designing Your Work Life: Now Available in Thailand!

5 October 2020

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Designing Your Work Life is now available in …